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Pineview Elementary

Pineview Staff standing together on a bridge over the Platte River
Phone: (307) 253-6000
Principal: Chris Carruth-Britt
Assistant Principal: Janie Woolson
Office Manager: Amy Martz
Address: 639 Payne Ave., Casper, 82609
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“We guarantee each student and staff member achieve high levels of learning for success through actions, which reflect high expectations.”
Pineview has a warm family atmosphere where students feel valued and loved. Our staff has created a model of high expectations for academics and respect. Pineview staff, parents, and students are engaged in learning together, working to build student confidence and enthusiasm through healthy competition! Pineview instills a sense of tradition within their community. We have spirit and pride everyday! We make sure each child and staff member experiences lessons through passion however big or small.

Pineview staff is committed to high expectations by working together to clarify exactly what each teacher must teach and each child must learn. Our team guarantees classroom grade-level knowledge and skills are met in all areas socially and academically. We understand that to increase our success in the classrooms, proof of each student’s learning needs to be gathered on a timely basis and the results must be used to inform students, improve teacher practice, and better meet the needs of each child. We give each child the chance to improve their learning every day. Most importantly, we provide research-based strategies and techniques to help staff and students meet daily challenges.
Gifted Classrooms

To address and serve the unique educational needs of students who require academic challenges beyond the regular classroom, Pineview is home to the district’s Gifted Program, offering four inclusion Gifted classrooms for qualifying students in1st through 5th grade. Curriculum is thematic and includes hands-on activities and many opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Rob Barnosky is the Gifted Program Counselor/Coordinator. He can be reached by phone at 253-6000.

Clubs are available each year based upon student interest and participation. Students may participate in Fit Club, Art Club, Early Bird Reading Club, Destination Imagination, Cooking Club, Science Club, Handwriting, and Reading and Math Extended Days. Fourth- and fifth-graders may participate in volleyball, basketball, and track through the Casper Recreation Center.
Functional Life Skills Program

Functional skills are all those skills a student needs in order to live independently. Skills are defined as functional as long as the outcome supports the student’s independence. Skills are: Life Skills, Academic Functional Skills, Community-Based Learning, and Social Skills.

Accepting three and four year olds. Parents may pick up enrollment packets at Pineview or the Central Enrollment Office.

Classes at Pineview begin at 8:45 a.m. and run to 3:30 p.m. Doors open for students to enter the building at 8:00 a.m.