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NCSD Report Card

 NCSD Board of Trustees
Ray Catellier (Chair), Rita Walsh (Vice-Chair), Thomas Myler (Treasurer), Dana Howie (Clerk), Kyla Alvey,
Kevin Christopherson, Jenifer Hopkins, Mary Schmidt,
                                                                    Michael Stedillie
                                                                                Superintendent Michael Jennings
The district report card is a critical tool promoting accountability for Natrona County School District and the State of Wyoming. The Natrona County School District is committed to creating efficient and effective processes for all stakeholders which include providing information, gathering input, sharing results, and taking action based upon stakeholder feedback. 

Our open enrollment district gives families options to consider when choosing a school for their children. Each of our schools offers a comprehensive education that meets state standards using the common core. 

The District Report Card is designed to provide stakeholders with data about student performance and program effectiveness. Remaining transparent and communicative with all stakeholders provides the best opportunity for the public to be well-informed about District operations.  Likewise, the data enables educators to make informed improvements in their instruction and is an essential tool for the district and school improvement process.

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