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Standard Referenced Grading K-5

The Natrona County School District is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment for all students. This academic year, the Natrona County School District has transitioned to standards-referenced grading and reporting for all K-5 students. These reports will be available to parents and students via Infinite Campus - Parent Portal.
Standards-Referenced Grading (SRG) establishes district-wide consistent grading practices based on the achievement of what students should know and are able to do at each grade level. These standards are aligned to Wyoming Content Standards.
Traditionally, grading averages student work and other behavioral factors such as social skills, effort, and participation. Standards-referenced grading communicates students' performance and mastery of grade-level standards in a user-friendly format for students and parents/guardians. Behavioral factors (social skills, turning in and completing assignments, and effort) will be reported separately on the report card at the elementary level. 
The following beliefs and processes guide this direction:
  • Teachers will continue to provide feedback to parents and guardians reflective of students' performance and communicate learning for academic standards in content areas.
  • The purpose of a report card is to report progress toward mastery on grade-level standards in a user-friendly format for students, parents/guardians, and school stakeholders.
  • Parents and guardians will receive feedback on the standards-referenced report card based on proficiency scores to inform progress over time. 
  • The report card will describe student growth and performance on proficiencies aligned to content standards.
  • Teachers will work together with parents and guardians to identify readiness and the next steps for student growth.
  • Non-academic behaviors will be shared with parents and guardians on the report card but will be listed separately from the academic standards.
Standards Referenced Grading began at NCSD with a committee of interested educators and stakeholders in 2018 to research and recommend a new reporting method. Eight schools excitedly volunteered to pilot standards-referenced grading in the 2020-21 academic year. Throughout the pilot, feedback regarding the process and implementation was collected to ensure a successful and smooth transition for all Elementary schools in the fall of 2021. We greatly appreciate the dedication and expert feedback of the focus groups, school staff, and parents who offered recommendations for ensuring a successful rollout of the Standards Referenced Grading across the district.
Click the links below for informational documents and resources to assist you in remaining informed and engaged in the new standards-referenced grading process. Your child's teacher and school are a terrific resource in helping communicate the benefits and tools of the new grading system. We look forward to continued collaboration with parents and guardians as we work to make these improvements to benefit student learning.