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NCSD Employee Evaluation Resources

All NCSD students deserve competent, caring, and effective adults working with them each day. In support of that belief, the goal of the Natrona County School District (NCSD) Evaluation System is to improve teaching and learning by providing an authentic assessment of competence and meaningful feedback that leads to opportunities for administrators, teachers, and employees to improve their knowledge, skills, and classroom practices with the ultimate goal of enhancing student learning.

The core business of education is to make learning valuable, satisfying, and challenging for all students. Not all children come to us with the same talents and abilities. It is our mission as professionals to take each child to the next level academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. 

The Natrona County School District Compact outlines a set of guiding principles that include a commitment to success for each student and commitment to a systems approach for continuous improvement. As a district, that has embraced a collaborative approach to providing services to students, families, and the community, NCSD has fostered a student-focused, learning-oriented climate of high expectations for students and staff. Continuous improvement is a critical element for those who facilitate learning. Throughout the course of their careers, NCSD employees grow and develop in settings that may require changes in skills and knowledge. NCSD employees' performance must be assessed within the context of these settings while respecting and supporting cycles of change, growth, and continuous improvement. 

The evaluation system for employees in Natrona County School District is designed to assist and support them in creating a learning community that serves all stakeholders well. It is based on the philosophy that excellence in educating involves continuous improvement with a model designed to achieve the following:

  • Enable employees to reflect and develop judgments about their performance and growth
  • Provide for ongoing collegial conversation
  • Include staff, student, parent, and collegial input
  • Use of continuous improvement processes

Leader Evaluation Document 

Evaluation Process in NCSD for Certified and Classified Professionals