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Manor Heights Elementary

 Manor Heights Elementary entryway
Phone: (307) 253-1800
Principal: Ms. Heather Rankin
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Lindsey Williamson
Office Manager: Darla Huggins
Address: 3201 E. 15th St., Casper, 82609
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"At Manor Heights, we BELIEVE … ACHIEVE … and SUCCEED!”
We believe we can work together as a learning community of students, families, and staff to achieve high levels of learning for all students so they will succeed in school and in life.
Manor Heights Elementary provides a child-centered education through the implementation of essential learnings. The school, parents, and community work in partnership to develop the academic excellence, social responsibility, and personal integrity of each student. Data-driven decisions, progress monitoring of skills, and collaborative efforts between all staff members contribute to the implementation of state and district standards.
Our entire staff supports learning with a variety of instructional settings, including whole group, small group, and one-to-one assistance throughout the school day. We also offer Jag Time--an enrichment and intervention time-- which provides each student personalized instruction in the areas of mathematics and language arts. Our team of teachers, tutors, and support staff all work together to ensure our Jaguars are getting the support and enrichment they need.
Manor Heights Elementary has implemented the positive behavior supports program, and we reward students daily in our Jaguar Jungle as well as each quarter at our “Celebration of Success” assemblies. Our therapy dog, Gracie Mae, provides our students and staff with support and friendship.
Our parent group, Especially For Children (EFC), provides fun activities for our students throughout the year (Trunk or Treat, Book Fairs, Bingo For Books, Donuts for Grownups, Silent Auction, etc.) along with numerous fundraisers to support our school programs.
We take great pride in giving back to the community, and a perfect example of this is our annual participation in the Jackalope Jump, a fundraiser for Special Olympics Wyoming. This past school year, Manor Heights Elementary had about 115 students participate and raised $24,000! Congratulations, Frozen Jaguars, and thank you for braving the icy cold waters and "Freezin' for a Reason!"
School Wide Resources
Manor Heights uses the following curriculum resources to facilitate Wyoming State Content and Performance Standards:
  • Reading and Writing – The common ELA resource our staff uses is the McGraw Hill ELA Wonders program. While teachers may supplement with a variety of resources, it is crucial that our students see commonality from year to year. The Wonders resource allows for whole group, small group, and individual instruction opportunities, and our teachers and staff work hard to create engaging instruction which allows our students to collaborate, access complex text, and engage in purposeful integration of technology. We use the Writer's Workshop model, where students have the opportunity to learn, apply, and share their work. Not only do they receive feedback from our staff, but they work with their peers to provide meaningful feedback, as well
  • Math – Our staff uses Eureka Math2 as the primary resource to ensure a balance between conceptual understanding and procedural mastery of Common Core mathematical concepts. Student learning needs are met through written, hands-on, and technological experiences.
  • Social-Emotional Learning - The Second Step curriculum resource provides our students with opportunities to develop perspective-taking skills, empathy, conflict resolution, processing emotions, and building healthy, positive relationships.
  • Thinking Strategies - Manor Heights' staff has been working to learn and implement Thinking Strategies. This is a research-based process that helps our Jaguars to actively engage in their learning, become problem solvers, make connections between all content areas, think critically, acknowledge mistakes and work through them, and become more independent thinkers and learners. 
  • Students at Manor Heights also participate in art, music, library and physical education classes throughout the day.

Students may participate in Drama Club, Zentangle Club, Writing Club, Running Club, Science Fair, Student Council, School Store, P.E./ Fitness Club, and Lego Robotics. Fourth- and fifth-graders may participate in volleyball and basketball through the Casper Recreation Center.

Classes at Manor Heights run from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Before-school supervision and breakfast begins at 8:05 a.m.