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REACH High is a District program designed for students who are struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse issues and wish to continue their academic work in a community that is also working on recovery. Students, with the support and permission of their parents, apply for enrollment in the program. Acceptance is determined based on a questionnaire and personal interview with REACH staff. Students are required to commit to the following:
  • 100% attendance unless excused by a medical professional
  • Academic diligence in their coursework
  • Random, on-demand drug tests
  • Participation in group and individual counseling at school
  • Attendance at AA or Teen AA meetings outside of class
  • Actively work a 12-step program with an approved sponsor outside of class
Students have the opportunity to earn credit in math, science, social studies, English, physical education, and elective credit for their group and recovery work. Upon enrollment, REACH High students will be required to remain in the REACH room for a minimum of 9 weeks, and be enrolled in Edmentum computer-based courses during this time.