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busEach day, 100 experienced bus drivers transport nearly 6000 students to and from school in Natrona County.   To facilitate the transportation of students in an open enrollment district, the NCSD Transportation Department runs a hub system similar to a public bus system.  In addition, Transportation Department manages all fleet vehicles, bus drivers, routes, field trips, and WHSSA-sanctioned athletics and activities.

The Natrona County School District Transportation Department is committed to providing all students with a positive and safe riding experience. Parents are reminded that children are assigned to a specific bus and a specific bus stop in order to ensure the accountability and safety of our students. It is our goal to work with parents and guardians to make sure students start and end each day on the correct bus, with the correct driver, and enter and exit their designated bus stop at the scheduled time.

For further information, please call 253-5283.

Bus Registration Is OPEN for the 2023-2024 School Year!

If your student(s) was an active bus rider during the last school year (2022-2023), your student's bus registration will automatically roll over to this next school year. You do not need to complete the registration process again. Route information will be shared with all families in early August.

If your student(s) were registered for Bus Transportation but did not actively ride the bus, you must complete the Bus Registration process. We ask that families only register their students for bus transportation if they plan to ride the bus. By having accurate registration data of active bus riders, we are able to maintain effective and efficient transportation services for students. 

If you have moved addresses since the last academic year, please log on to your NCSD Parent Portal Infinite Campus account to update your address. Please then RE-REGISTER your student, even if they were an active rider last year. This will make sure that a correct route and bus stop is assigned for your student.


*Registration is completed through your Infinite Campus Campus Parent

Once you have entered your student’s information and submitted it, you are not required to do anything else at this point. All transportation requests will be analyzed and processed to establish the most efficient routes and times for the 2023-2024 school year.


Transportation for qualified IEP students

Students on Special Transportation do not need to register through Parent Portal. Those who have been registered for Special Transportation through the IEP process will need to ensure their address and parent/guardian contact information are current.  If there are any changes to your address or contact information since last school year, please update through the Parent Portal. Please send an email to [email protected] with your updated information so the NCSD Special Education Scheduler may route your student.

Active Ridership

In order to avoid overcrowding and to ensure the most efficient routes, an accurate count of students riding each bus daily is a necessity.  As a result, NCSD Transportation will inactivate a student’s ridership after 10 consecutive school days of not riding. To reactivate your child(ren) to ride again, Parents/Guardians may contact NCSD Transportation (253-5283) or Click the Bus Registration Request link in Campus Parent to reactivate at least 48 hours in advance of needing to ride.

NCSD Transportation Behavior Matrix


Syd Webb
Director of Transportation
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Assistant Director of Transportation
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Assistant Director of Transportation
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