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BOCES Grants / Graduate Stipend


The Partnership that founded BOCES is continuing to provide enrichment and pathways to success for all ages of Natrona County citizens. The BOCES grant program is a tool for the Natrona County School District and Casper College for joint use to fund educational programs that may not have as significant an impact if acted upon separately.
BOCES has board meetings monthly; funding requests under $10,000 can be made at the monthly meetings. Requests over $10,000 can be made at selected meetings three times a year. This process requires contact with the Casper College Grant's office or the NCSD Grant's office 1 1/2 months prior to the scheduled meeting. Each grant's office or the BOCES office can provide the grant form needed once they have been able to review the funding request. All grants must have a CC and NCSD employee as co-directors. If there is a payroll portion of any grant, the co-directors are responsible for coordinating the payment from CC or NCSD prior to the grant presentation.
BOCES urges grant requestors to seek other funding in addition to funding requested from BOCES. Examples of other funding include, but are not limited to: fund-raising at schools, donation requests from local businesses and foundations, or private sponsorship. You must notify Jeana Lam-Pickett, 268-3309, or Katie McMillan, 268-2488, immediately upon receiving any pending funding from other sources. The BOCES Board Members are active on other boards and are aware of many of the grants from their functions on those boards. Updates not received by the grant requestors may place the grant in jeopardy of zero funding from BOCES if it is believed that the grant is seeking duplicate funding.
Any questions regarding the awarding and accounting practices for approved grants should be directed to BOCES, 307-268-3309, 125 Casper College Drive, Casper, Wy 82601.
Casper College and NCSD employees seeking funding must first complete the grant concept form below. Then give it to their grant office for review before proceeding.
Casper College Grants Coordinator
Katie McMillan
125 College Dr.
Casper, Wy 82601

Graduate Stipend

The Graduate Stipend program is available for full time Casper College administration and faculty and full time Natrona County School District administration and certified staff.
Beginning in February 2015, the Board will apply new criteria when awarding stipends. Awards will be prioritized according to the primary BOCES mission to support endeavors that are mutually beneficial to both NCSD and Casper College students. Thus, in terms of stipends for degrees, a high-priority degree is one that qualifies an NCSD teacher to teach an articulated high school level and an aligned Casper College course, especially one that currently lacks a qualified teacher. Degrees for NCSD teachers that do not qualify them to teach Casper College courses, or degrees for Casper College instructors (who are already qualified), are lower priority.
NOTE: Higher Learning Commission credentials guidelines ask that instructors of bachelor's transferable courses have a master's in something, and at least 18 graduate hours in the discipline being taught (or in a closely related discipline). Credentials guidelines for instructors of associate-degree career and technical courses vary.
The initial application must be submitted during the current semester, or no later than thirty days after the semester has concluded. Stipends will not be paid retroactively. New applicants must complete the new application form.


For more information, please contact:
Jeana Lam-Pickett
125 College Drive
Casper, Wy 82601
Phone: 307-268-3309