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Student achievement is a key goal for the Natrona County School District. The Office of Assessment and Research collects, organizes, analyzes, and reports data from district and statewide assessments, as well as other measures, to support school and program improvement and public accountability. The office also conducts, supports, and provides tools for various educational research efforts. The office produces research briefs and reports on a variety of topics.

To apply to conduct research in Natrona County School District #1. Please review the District Board of Trustees policy on Research Project Approval. The link contains a description of the process and a copy of a required application


For more information contact:

Trevor Mahlum, Ed.D.

Director of Research and Assessment

(307) 253-5228


The Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress (WY-TOPP) is a system of interim, modular on-demand, and summative assessments in English language arts, writing, mathematics, and science. The WY-TOPP interim assessments in reading and mathematics are administered in Natrona Schools in fall for grades 4-10, in winter for grades 3-10.  In spring, the interim reading and math assessments are available for grades K-2. The WY-TOPP science assessment is administered in spring to grades 4, 8, and 10. The WY-TOPP writing assessment is administered in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9. The WY-TOPP summative assessments are administered late-spring in grades 3-10.


The WY-Alternate (WY-ALT) is given once a year to students with significant cognitive disabilities in grades 3-10 in ELA and mathematics and in grades four and eight in science.


ACT Plus Writing is the capstone of the ACT college and career readiness System. It measures students’ general learning outcomes in English, math, reading, writing, and science. This assessment is given once a year to all students in the 11th grade. ACT data is used to qualify students for the Hathaway Scholarship Program.

Wyoming law requires the University of Wyoming and the Community College Commission to coordinate recruitment and retention incentives for students graduating from Wyoming secondary schools.  Prior to taking the ACT, students complete the pre-test survey and this information is provided by WDE to Wyoming post-secondary institutions.  The pre-test survey questions are optional and can be reviewed by parents prior to the testing window.  Please contact your child’s school directly for more information or to review the survey items.


WorkKeys is an optional assessment for students in grades 11 and 12 and is used to assess a student’s job skills.

English Proficiency Assessments


The Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State (ACCESS) for ELLs is required once a year for all students, K-12, who are English language learners. It assesses students’ progress in attaining English proficiency. An alternate ACCESS is also available for English language learners who also have significant cognitive disabilities.

Parents/Guardians of Homeschool Students

If you have a homeschool student who you would like to participate in the spring WY-TOPP or ACT testing, please review the District Board of Trustees policy on Home-Based Education. This link contains an application to be completed and returned to Student Support Services no later than Jan 1st of each year.