NCHS Visual Arts Students Showcase Artistic Brilliance and Creativity

Throughout their classes, NCHS Visual Art students find new and creative ways of exploring ideas that are important to them and dive deeply into research to support their creative process. This includes, but is not limited to, personal experiences, socio-political issues, and/or environmental issues. The visual arts are an essential part of everyday life, influencing all levels of human creativity, expression, communication, and understanding.

The Drawn From Life, Natrona County High School Juried Student Exhibition, showcased exceptional pieces created by NCHS art students for the State Art Symposium. Students from all grade levels created featured work in a variety of art classes.

NCHS IB Visual Arts students curated the show, working collaboratively to identify the most esthetically appealing way to display and showcase the artwork. In the IB Visual Arts class, students are encouraged to challenge their creative and cultural expectations and boundaries to engage in thought-provoking art-making practices. Through Visual Literacy, students hone their analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and 21st-century creative thinking skills. By questioning, investigating, and reflecting, students develop an appreciation for the expressive and aesthetic diversity in the world around them. This also provides students with an opportunity to process and work through challenging events that affect them as an individual, within their local community, and globally.

"By making art about ideas that individual students are interested in, students develop deeper meaning within their making and are overall more invested in the projects they complete in all levels of art courses offered at NCHS," reflected NCHS Visual Arts Faculty members.

NCHS students have also been busy working to connect and share their love for art with future artists and the community.

NCHS Photo 1 students collaborated with Park Elementary students to create unique chalk art portraits. Working together in teams, the students created sidewalk chalk murals. Practicing the use of perspective, NCHS student photographers captured the brilliant murals from atop ladders.

Currently on display at Scarlow's Art & Coffee Gallery are many unique and exciting featured photography student masterpieces. Students worked to design their final portfolio and learned the process of creating a final print piece. Each NCHS Photo 1 student selected their top image to display in the gallery.

Natrona County High School Visual Arts Faculty, Nate Abel, Dennis Howell, Christy Johnston, and Caitlyn Urhammer shared their collective awe and appreciation for their student's academic and artistic excellence, "Their willingness to share their personal stories and viewpoints with us in order for us to help them to better communicate their artistic intentions is an exercise in vulnerability and trust. As educators, we are honored to have these students' trust and are honored to be able to work with, who we think are, some of the most talented students in the state."

Congratulations to the student artists on this outstanding display of artistic brilliance and their educators who inspire and encourage them each day. 

Natrona County High School is committed to preparing responsible, life-long learners who value themselves, contribute to society, and succeed in a changing world.