Celebrating Employee Dedication to Educational Excellence in Natrona County!

Throughout their professional career at NCSD, they have shown outstanding commitment to providing professional and exceptional services, resources, and educational opportunities to students and school families. Their contributions to creating environments where students can grow, learn, and succeed will continue to make a lasting positive impression on our entire community and world for years to come.

The 25-Year Longevity employees receive an engraved bell to commemorate their longevity and professional achievement in the Natrona County School District.


Congratulations to each of you, and THANK YOU! 

25-Year Bell Recipients

Jennifer Alvar

Danna Anderson 

Lori Baragar

Anne Barreda

Leslie Bueno

Stacy Butler

Ashley Cardenas

Jamie Daugherty

Shannon Dean 

Jill Felbeck-Jones

Brenda Flynn 

Christy Garner

Elizabeth Harris

Angie Hayes 

Regina Hendricks 

Cindy Hill 

Aaron Hinton 

Lois Hooker

Deyonne Jackson

Kimberlee Jones

Sheryl Jordan

Jenifer Lijewski

Dixie McMechan

Lisa Montgomery

Bernard Ourth

Lori Palmer

Shane Palmer

Nicole Rapp 

Duane Reimer

Kristen Reimer

Michele Robson

Nicole Roden

Randy Roden

Marianne Rowe

Scott Russell

Guy Sallade

Kathryn Sedmak

Kaoru Slotsve

Rebecca Sondag

Kala Sprecher

Sandra Stille

Roger Switzer

Marla Switzer

Genn Taucher

Emily Trujillo

Deborah Trujillo

Paul Tweedy

Lori White Eagle

Daniel Wright