CYMS Students Demonstrate Excellence in Research & Presentation with Mock Trial Event

As they walked through the doors of the Townsend Justice Center, the students were filled with excitement, anticipation, and a sense of well-earned confidence. They had spent weeks researching, strategizing, and preparing for the annual mock trial event led by CYMS Gifted and Talented Program teacher Whitney Wilking.

During the experience, students take on different roles as lawyers and witnesses in a civil trial. The trial is presided over by Judge Catherine E. Wilking, who is a District Court Judge for the Seventh Judicial District. This gives the students a real-life environment in which to participate and engage in the criminal justice process while learning about civic responsibility and law.  "These students continue to impress me! We're grateful for all of the support we received from the legal community and volunteer jurors to make this an authentic learning experience," shared CYMS GT teacher Ms. Wilking 

This incredible experience is successful, in part, due to the extended time and expertise provided by individuals who volunteer their time to assist the students in this exceptional learning experience. A special thank you to Judge Wilking, Judge Johnson, Mr. Jeremy Hugus, Mr. Rob Oldham, Mr. Richard Wilking, and Mr. Scott Murray. 

Students shared their memorable takeaways from the experience: 

"This was an amazing experience that made me consider a job as a lawyer in the future. It was a boisterous event that kept us wondering what we would learn from the lawyers or judges next. I hope in the future I could run into this experience once again." ~ Jordan B.

"To be prepared, months of work and preparation were required. We spent hours, and it ended up paying off." ~ Charlie M.

"Mock trial has been pretty different from the rest of my education, mainly because it took a lot more teamwork than other group projects. There's always some work that needs done that nobody else will do, but that's not true for mock trial. In order to reach success, everyone has to be fully collaborative for the whole time." ~ Leah M.

"There was a lot to the trial, and my main takeaways were about how the legal system works, and how it isn't all about law. This trial was a lot of fun, as we got to act out the trial in the courtroom. There was a balance of seriousness and fun." ~ Brendan H.

"This  experience was truly wonderful and made me feel special as a member of the Gifted and Talented Program." ~ Victor S.

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