NCSD Student Musicians Shine at All-State Music Festival!

Congratulations to each of the exceptional student musicians from Kelly Walsh High School and Natrona County High School, who joined hundreds of their peers from across the state to showcase their extraordinary musical talents at the Wyoming All-State Music Festival.

This exciting event celebrates student musicians for their tremendous talents and dedication to musical excellence. Students are selected for “All State Status” through a blind audition process in early November. 

Students spent two days together immersed in a world of music while collaborating with their fellow musicians and learning from world-class conductors in preparation for the final musical performance.

Congratulations to all the very talented student musicians who were selected to participate in this year’s All-State Ensembles and a resounding “thank you” to the extraordinary educators who teach, inspire, and encourage them each day! 

NCSD All-State Music Selections

Kelly Walsh HS Band

Parker Bartlett - Tenor Sax

Gavin Crolla - Alto Sax 

Kenna Crown - Trumpet 

Evan DePaolo - Percussion/Timpani

Camren Ehrlich - Horn 

Jacx Ellis - Tuba

Jackson Lippincott - Bassoon 

Valerie Martinez - Clarinet 

Corter McCarthy - Percussion

Giselle Moreno - Bass Clarinet

Sarah Norcross - Trombone 

Tavia Ossa - Tuba

Lana Page - Clarinet 

Layne Parks - Oboe 

Tabitha Pelton - Flute 

Samantha Pelton - Trumpet

Miles Puryear - Trombone 

Alexander Rapp - Trumpet 

Raegan Rose - Bassoon 

Ryan Rose - Baritone

Jacob Stevens - Tuba

Tyler Stiefvater - Horn

Brody Stone - Percussion

Goldie Warner - Bassoon

Tre Weant - Clarinet

Cheyenne Whitley - Alto Sax 

Anna Wold - Flute 

Kelly Walsh HS Orchestra

Alexander Ivanov - Violin

Tage Longhurst - Cello

Aiden Rauzi - Violin

Emma Schwarzrock - Violin

Jamie Yates - Viola

Kelly Walsh HS Choir

Jonas Blank Tenor

Lexi Howard - Soprano

Andrew Limmer - Bass

Sara Loghry - Alto

Jonah Mogen - Tenor

Halle Morris - Alto

Christopher Pike - Bass

Jane Wilson - Soprano

Natrona County HS Band

Madeline Elston - Flute 

Aidan Murphy - Tenor Sax

Arielle Purcell - Trombone 

Allie Weis - Horn 

Natrona County HS Orchestra

Jonathan Krum - Violin

Linsey Thomason Violin

Natrona County HS Choir

Kallie Beckman - Soprano

Kaylee Christensen - Soprano

Charles Frausto - Tenor

Ayla Huss - Alto

Hudson Nicol - Bass 

Ashton Rosburg - Bass