Natrona County High School DECA Students Showcase Exceptional Marketing, Leadership, and Entrepreneurial Skills!

Natrona County High School DECA students recently attended the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Conference at the University of Wyoming, where they wowed all those in attendance with their exceptional marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. NCHS is committed to preparing responsible and life-long learners who value themselves, contribute to society, and succeed in a changing world!

DECA prepares emerging leaders in the fields of Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, and Hospitality. While at the conference, NCHS students learned about the opportunities DECA provides in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, business, and had the chance to tour the UW campus. Students participating in DECA gain valuable experiences to become academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.

Congratulations, NCHS students, on this exceptional recognition of your hard work, skills, and talent! 

NCHS students earned the following awards: 

Top Performer Award for Marketing Novice

Lane Amerson - (scored a perfect 100!) 

Quincy Corbin-Bonander

Kallie Bauer

Sydney Schoeber

Carter Hensely

Corbin Cobb

Mary Jane Maxon

Abi McLean


Top Performer Award in Role Play for Advanced

Delaney Hartl


Top EXAM Scores for Marketing

Quincy Corbin-Bonander

Lane Amerson

Kallie Bauer

Sydney Schoeber

Trent Campbell

Seth Condelario

Austin McNamee

Calvin Cost 

Talia O Brian

Cheyenne Crouch