Library Permissions Information

The Natrona County School District is committed to ensuring all parents and guardians have the necessary information to make informed school-based decisions for their individual children. 

In alignment with Standard Operating Procedure 6233 (01), parents and guardians may choose to complete the optional Library Permissions forms. 

NCSD Library professionals and schools are dedicated to working together with parents and guardians to support their choices in library permissions for their children. 



Any parent/guardian of a Natrona County School District minor student may select all current and future titles and/or a specific book(s) that are on the opt-in list for their minor student to have the ability to access. In order to opt in, the parent/guardian needs to fill out the opt-in form through their Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 

If a parent or guardian chooses not to complete this process, the titles identified as “Opt-In” would not be available to their child. 

It is important to note, Library Permissions are specific to grade bands (Elementary, Middle School, High School), and the forms should be completed for each individual child. 

In addition, titles listed in the “Opt-In” category are not assigned or required classroom reading, and choosing to read the materials is solely at the discretion of the parent/guardian of the minor child.   



Any parent/guardian of a Natrona County School District minor student may select a specific book or author they decide their child not be able to check out from their school's library. 

In order to select opt-out choices, the parent/guardian needs to fill out the form via Infinite Campus - Parent Portal. The form allows for up to 20 books to be listed by title or author; if a parent/guardian has more than 20 books they would like to opt their child out of, they must directly contact their child’s school librarian.


After submitting your library permissions, the school library staff will be notified via email that a request has been electronically submitted, at which time they will ensure the selected information is properly transferred from the student information system to the school's library learning management system. The opt-out and/or opt-in choices will remain for the duration of the student’s enrollment in all NCSD schools unless the parent/guardian submits another form.

For questions regarding completing the process or for assistance, please contact your child’s school. If you need assistance logging into your Infinite Campus- Parent Portal, please click here for more information.