3rd Annual Heavy Civil Construction Career and Training Day a Roaring Success!

Students in auto, construction, welding, and woods courses participated in the hand’s-on learning opportunity. With the support of the employees from Oftedal Construction,
students, and even a few community leaders, operated heavy equipment, used simulators, and learned about construction technology.  They also had the chance to visit industry experts to learn about career paths and job opportunities within the construction field.

Pathways Innovation Center Core Construction teacher, Rob Hill, shared his appreciation for the opportunity this event provided for all interested students, “A day like this just cannot be replicated in a classroom, so this is one of the best days of the year. There is nothing like seeing a kid get into a piece of equipment and start moving dirt.”
Human Resources and Safety Director of Oftedal Construction, Shawn Coffin, shared his appreciation for the opportunity to work with the students, "Many of these students have never done this before. This opportunity can introduce them to something that's new that they may really like and get them excited about it. It may be a jumpstart to get them into this industry and learn about all the opportunities that they may not have known about."
Students shared their excitement for the experience:
Tristy - "I like the fact that they kind of just let us run the equipment. It's great to get that real-world experience; we will learn a lot more out here than we ever will in a classroom or lecture. It gives you a good feel of is this something I want to do in the future, or maybe I was wrong, and this might not be for me."
Kayden - "It's great to get this chance in high school because normally, a person has to get hired for a job before they get to go out doing these things. I like that it is a totally hands-on day."

A special thanks to Oftedal Construction, the Regional Training Center by AGC of Wyoming, and all others for helping to engage students in exceptional learning opportunities.