Exceptional Excellence: Fort Caspar Academy and Sagewood Elementary Earn Exceeding School Designation

NCSD’s Strategic Plan goal centered around high expectations states by 2024, all NCSD schools will meet or exceed school-level performance expectations as defined in the Wyoming School Accountability model.  There are four performance-level categories assigned to all Wyoming schools under the model: Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, and Not Meeting Expectations. The highest performance level for schools is Exceeding Expectations. A school that receives a performance level of exceeding is a school that is considered to be a “model of performance.”

Fort Caspar Academy and Sagewood Elementary students, staff, and school families have worked diligently to move from the meeting expectations category to exceeding expectations for the 2021-2022 academic year. Recently, Natrona County School District leadership and members of the Board of Trustees had the privilege of celebrating staff at both schools with a celebratory luncheon in their honor. 

Sagewood Elementary is committed to empowering a community of learners and leaders. Through their collaborative systems focused on growth and sustainability, they have been a meeting school for the last five years, moving to exceeding this year. Associate Superintendent Angela Hensley shared her appreciation for the dedicated professionals working each day to help students learn, grow, and succeed, “Sagewood Elementary focuses on excellence in academics and behavior while creating an outstanding education for all students. When I come to Sagewood, I see professionals who continue to learn and grow for the betterment of all students and a strong team with a sense of belief in all students. Together the staff is committed to doing extraordinary things for students.” 

Fort Caspar Academy is committed to educational excellence through a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum and virtuous character development with a strong student-staff-parent partnership. 

During their staff luncheon, Associate Superintendent Angela Hensley reflected on the school's history of excellence and shared her appreciation for the diligent work of the staff each day in creating a foundation of success for students, “It is an honor to be here today. Ft. Caspar has a rich history of excellence with a belief in strong instructional leadership, academic focus, high expectations, accountability, and parent involvement. When I visit Ft. Caspar, I see parents, staff, and students working together as a team to achieve these goals. I see a highly professional team committed to sustainability and providing outstanding education for all students.” 

The Natrona County School District is committed to creating exceptional learning and teaching environments for all students and staff while working towards our collective goal of high expectations and academic success for all. As a district, we believe it is important to set strategic goals to focus our actions for continued educational excellence in Natrona County. High Expectations, Leading in Literacy, Planning With Purpose, Safe & Healthy Environments, and Effective and Efficient Operations are at the forefront of our District’s strategic goals and serve as the foundation for our work and comprehensive Strategic Plan. 

“Our students, staff, school families, and community members are integral to reaching our shared goal of high expectations and academic success for all. Together, we are focused and committed to providing all students with the best possible education experience throughout each year. In doing so, we are also working proactively towards the following year by setting goals, implementing measured steps of improvement, and looking for ways to continually strive for excellence,” shared Superintendent Jennings. “It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate Sagewood Elementary and Fort Caspar Academy for their extraordinary work and dedication to continuing excellence.” 

Congratulations to the students, staff, and school families at Fort Caspar Academy and Sagewood Elementary on this exceptional honor and recognition.