NCSD Inclement Weather UPDATE

NCSD will be conducting an early release today, April 3rd, 2023. This decision was made after the careful evaluation and review of current and projected continued hazardous weather and worsening road conditions impacting Natrona County. 

All after-school activities will be canceled today, April 3rd. 

Due to the projected and continued impact of the current winter weather system, tomorrow, April 4th, 2023, will be a Temporary Virtual Learning day for all schools. 

There will be no school or activities held on campus. District buildings will not be open. NCSD Transportation will not run. Again, NCSD will implement a Temporary Virtual Learning day tomorrow, April 4th. 

This decision has been made based on information received from and in direct collaboration with community agencies, including Natrona County Emergency Management, the City of Casper, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, the US National Weather Service, Natrona County Road and Bridge, and others. 



There will be active supervision on all school campuses until every student has been picked-up. Lunches will be served as normal. 

Please see the important information regarding early release times: 

NCSD Preschool: 

  • Afternoon NCSD Preschool will be canceled 

NCSD Middle Schools

  • Released at 12:30PM
  • Busses will be running immediately upon release 

NCSD High Schools 

  • Released at 1:24PM 
  • Busses will be running immediately upon release 

NCSD Elementary, Woods &  Midwest Schools

  • Released at 1:45PM 
  • Busses will be running immediately upon release 


If your student rides NCSD Transportation and you have questions regarding bus drop-off times, please contact 253-5283. 

NCSD’s Inclement Weather team will continue to monitor the projected weather conditions throughout the remainder of the week in partnership with the US National Weather Service and other community agencies. 

We appreciate your understanding and partnership as we work together to ensure safe, healthy, and exceptional learning environments for all.