NCSD Inclement Weather Protocol Reminder

February 20th, 2023

NCSD’s Inclement weather team has been actively monitoring the incoming winter weather system over the past week. We are working in direct collaboration with community agencies, including Natrona County Emergency Management, the City of Casper, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, the US National Weather Service, Natrona County Road and Bridge, and others.

Natrona County School District recognizes that the operation of school is an important and necessary part of community and family life. As a result, schools will be closed for inclement weather or natural disasters only when the community itself is unable to operate safely. The primary factors considered are anticipated or current weather conditions and the safe transportation of students and staff. 

Winter forecasts change frequently; NCSD’s Inclement Weather team will continue to consistently monitor the latest forecasts from the US National Weather Service and weather impacts on Natrona County.


As a reminder, an option available to NCSD in the event of inclement weather is a temporary virtual learning day. Schools are proactively sending home technology with students each day in preparation for any potential temporary virtual learning days. If NCSD identifies an inclement weather day this week, it will be a temporary virtual learning day. NCSD will notify school families and staff members if there is going to be a virtual learning day as a result of inclement weather. 


In the event of inclement weather affecting normal school operations, text and phone calls are sent to parents/guardians and staff members by approx. 5:30 am. Updates and information are also shared on the official NCSD Facebook page, the NCSD website, and with media partners. As a reminder, notifications are only sent out if there is a change to normal school operations. 

As always, the primary responsibility and decision to protect a child’s health and to ensure school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian.