November 16, 2022 - Important Information

Today, 11-16-22, Cottonwood Elementary is currently on a precautionary lockout due to a law enforcement situation within the neighborhood. At this time, we need to make alternate after-school pick-up arrangements for families. Please see the below important information: 

  • Cottonwood Bus Transportation Students
    • Students will be walked to 14th Street, supervised by school staff and CPD School Resource Officers where their normal bus will be waiting. They will immediately board their school bus for normal after-school transportation. 

  • Cottonwood Elementary Students Who Walk After School
    • Please, ask your students to avoid the area of Albertson’s/15th and Westridge Area.
    • If you can, please make alternate arrangements to pick-up your student walker at Freedom Park at 14th St. and Willow St.
    • Students are cleared to walk, however, they must avoid the area of Albertson’s/15th and Westridge Area.

  • Cottonwood Elementary Families Who Normally Pick-Up Your Student 
    • Students will be walked over to Freedom Park (14th St. and Willow St.) under the supervision of Cottonwood Staff and CPD. You may pick them up at this location. You will not be allowed access around the school/parking lots.  

  • All Other Students Who May Live In the Area 
    • All neighborhood students who may attend another school, but live or walk within the area of Cottonwood Elementary, will need to AVOID the area of 15th and Westridge.