Computer Science Primary Learning Resources Vendor Request

Computer Science 

Primary Learning Resources Vendor Request

September 2022

Dear Computer Science Vendor:

Natrona County School District (NCSD) is starting the process of collecting Computer Science Primary Learning Resources (core - tier I instructional resources) designed to support our District’s Curriculum and the Wyoming State Content and Performance Standards for Computer Science. Schools within the district have the autonomy to choose, develop and implement resources, strategies, and processes that best fit individual teaching and learning philosophy. While schools have the autonomy to exercise local curricular decisions, our district does undergo a process for which we identify a list of recommended primary learning resources in each of the ten content areas through a Subject Area Committee (SAC).

Although NCSD policies preclude us from seeking appointments or real-time presentations from individual publisher representatives in our initial phases of the adoption process, if your company is selected as a district-approved primary resource, we will reach out to you directly to schedule live presentation opportunities. Therefore, at this time, we would like to request you send sample products, resources, manipulatives, or any other additional information that speaks to our evaluation criteria below. This will aid the SAC committee and individual schools in making informed decisions.

District Demographics. Natrona County School District (NCSD) is located in central Wyoming and serves approximately 13,000 students from Pre-K-12th grade in twenty-nine schools - eighteen elementary schools, four middle schools, two K-8 schools, one rural K-12 school, one K-12 virtual learning academy, two high schools, and one alternative high school. NCSD is an open enrollment district. Students may enroll in any school in the district pending seat availability. The busing system uses a central hub to ensure all students have the opportunity to attend a school of choice and are not limited to only being able to access neighborhood schools. Our student population comprises approximately 42% free and reduced, 79% Caucasian, 13.5% Hispanic, 4% Multi-Racial, 1% Black, 1% Native American, and 0.5% Asian. 

Evaluation Criterion. When evaluating primary learning resources, our district identified key components necessary to make informed decisions in the evaluation and school adoption processes. Therefore, we are requesting information, sample products, recorded presentations, materials, links, and any additional resources that would demonstrate alignment to the following areas:

  • Technology Requirements. Please speak directly to the technology alignment to what our district currently has in place and any additional needs we may have to utilize your products effectively. Also, please include any needed information on product updates. NCSD is currently a one-to-one district where teachers and students use a variety of electronic devices (desktops, laptops, iPads), operating systems (iOS, MAC OS, Windows, Chrome), and learning management systems (Infinite Campus, Clever, Mastery Connect, Canvas, and G Suite).
  • Alignment to NCSD Curriculum & Wyoming Standards. Provide specific alignment information to grade level and course outlines to our district’s NCSD Computer Science Curriculum documents. We are also required to align all primary resources to Wyoming’s Computer Science Content and Performance Standards.
  • Assessments. Provide background information, assessment structure, types available, and the alignments to rigor levels, content, and standards. 
  • Research. Provide links, documents, or an explanation of the research base for product development and implementation studies.
  • Differentiated Instruction and/or Product Novelty. Provide documentation or resource examples that demonstrate how products are designed to meet the needs of all learners (i.e., English Language Learners, Gifted Learners, and Struggling Learners).
  • Cross-Curricular Connections.  Provide additional information about how the product/program integrates other content areas.

Additional Information for our district:

  • General Pricing. Provide a general pricing summary, including information for student learning resources, teacher resources, supplemental materials, technology, consumable resources, professional development, multi-year discounts, and other associated materials. Also, please include any multi-year perks such as system and/or resource updates.

If your company is interested in being included in our primary learning resource process, please send all resources for review by Friday, November 18, 2022. After our SAC committee has identified district-recommended primary resources, our educators and stakeholders then undergo their review processes following Natrona County School District Board of Trustees policy. Once the evaluative process is complete and schools have selected primary learning resources, a school-level lead representative (i.e., principal) will reach out directly to the company requesting any additional information and begin acquiring the specific, desired resources. 

Timeline - Primary Learning Resource Process

November 2022 - Company deadline to deliver/send resource materials for preview

December-January 2022  - SAC committee evaluation of resources

February-March 2023  - Public Comment 

March 2023 - Presentation to Board Academic Steering Committee

April 2023 - Board of Trustees' First Reading, Second Reading

May 2023 - Resource budget allocations are awarded to schools

May 2023 - Approved Vendor Presentations 

May 2023 - The selection/Purchasing process begins

Please do not reach out to individual schools until they have contacted you directly. If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding NCSD’s primary resource adoption process, please contact the Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Julie Jarvis, directly via email - [email protected]. Please send all resources for preview to Natrona County School District Central Office, Attn: LeAnn Aagard, 970 North Glenn Road, Casper, WY 82601, or [email protected].