NCSD Transportation Practice Run for First-Time Bus Riders!

The first day of school in Natrona County is September 6th! We are super excited for a great school year ahead! The Natrona County School District Transportation Department will be holding a practice run for first-time (i.e. kindergarten, new to NCSD) bus riders run on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. 


Important Information About the Practice Run! 

  • Transportation will pick up the parent and student at the student's AM bus stop at the AM pick-up time. 

  • Busses will then go to the NCSD Bus Hub and the student and their parent/guardian will transfer to their designated bus to travel to the student’s school. 

  • Parents and students will not get off the bus at the school. The bus will then reverse the route back to the hub where parents and students will follow the student's PM route back to the PM Bus Stop.

  • The practice run is only for elementary first-time transportation students.

  • A parent/guardian must accompany the student. 

This is only for the Casper area buses and will not include Alcova, Midwest, Poison Spider, and outlying areas.

Please click here for information on how to register your student for NCSD Transportation!

The Natrona County School District Transportation Department is committed to providing all students with a positive and safe riding experience. Parents are reminded that children are assigned to a specific bus and a specific bus stop in order to ensure the accountability and safety of our students. It is our goal to work with parents and guardians to make sure students start and end each day on the correct bus, with the correct driver, and enter and exit their designated bus stop at the scheduled time.