NCSD and Casper College Students Hit Home Run On Diamond Ball Classic Trophy

Pathways Innovation Center Teacher Kyle Dye and his Manufacturing students enjoy opportunities for collaborating with community partners on various high-end projects, combining what they’re learning in the classroom with real-world applications. Earlier this year, they completed an exceptional project for the Casper Family YMCA on the creation, design, and building of a donor wall. An extension of Natrona County’s high school system, students from NCSD’s high schools can enroll in courses at Pathways Innovation Center that include college–preparatory curriculum, industry certifications, portfolio development, and internships. Experiences within the classrooms are aligned to student interests, focusing on collaborative partnerships with community businesses.


NCSD’s Athletics and Activities Department was in need of a trophy to highlight the annual Diamond Ball Classic, a match-up between NCHS and KWHS Girls’ Softball teams. They connected with Paul Brutsman, Casper College Engineering Technology Instructor, who later approached Mr. Dye about collaborating on the project as part of their articulated BOCES course, Manufacturing Methods.


Students and staff immediately put their design creativity and state-of-the-art equipment to work to develop and create an exceptional trophy to celebrate Girl’s Softball in Natrona County. To manufacture the product, students and staff utilized a HAAS TM-1P machining center and a 3D printer, purchased in previous years with BOCES grant funds. “BOCES provides funding for equipment that we would otherwise not be able to purchase and allows students and teachers the opportunity to use technology currently used in industry,” shared Mr. Brustman. “This opportunity through BOCES allows educators to create relevant curriculum for students and prepare them for a career in industry.” 


NCSD Athletics and Activities Department would like to thank Mr. Paul Brustman, CC Engineering Technology Instructor, Mr. Kyle Dye, Pathways Innovation Center educator, Mr. Gary Hiatt, and all of the CC and NCSD students for their time and dedication to creating and designing this outstanding trophy which will be displayed for many years to come as part of the NCSD Diamond Ball Classic.