NCSD Teachers Earn National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification!

National Board Certification measures a teacher’s practice against high and rigorous standards. The process is an extensive series of performance-based assessments that includes teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes, and thorough analyses of the candidates’ classroom teaching and student learning. Teachers also complete a series of written exercises that probe the depth of their subject-matter knowledge and their understanding of how to teach those subjects to their students.


Congratulations to the following educators who have earned the National Board Certification over the past two years. Your commitment to educational excellence, professional growth and excellence, and providing your students with exceptional learning opportunities is commendable. 



Angela Cavalier

Tracie Rebich Ginder

Rachelle Horkan

Valeri Hudson

Carla Itzen

Carole Jackson

Cassidy Jerding

Elizabeth Linch 

Jennifer Martinovich 

Audrey Ortberg 



Alexis Barney

Marcy Marvel 

Michelle Naylor 

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential requiring intense dedication and commitment on the candidate’s part. Teachers report spending between 200-400 hours completing the rigorous process. National Board Certification is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program. National Board Certification is available nationwide for PreK-12 teachers.


The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees would like to congratulate the newly board-certified teachers and all of the district’s board-certified teachers for their tremendous work and dedication to high expectations and educational excellence.