Midwest School and Surrounding Community Inclement Weather Update 10-12-21


October 12th, 2021 (7:18PM) - After careful evaluation and review of current and projected weather and transportation conditions impacting Midwest and its surrounding community, it has been determined Tomorrow, October 13, 2021, Midwest Schools will implement Classroom-Based Virtual Education (Temporary Virtual Learning Day). If your student lives in Midwest but attends a school in Casper, remote learning will be provided by the school they attend. NCSD Transportation will not be running to and from Midwest. 


Based on current and predicted weather and road conditions for Casper, all other NCSD schools will have normal school operations. If weather and road conditions rapidly deteriorate within Casper, NCSD will communicate any changes via Infinite Campus notifications by approximately 5:30 am. 


This decision has been made due to projected continued hazardous inclement weather conditions, and hazardous transportation conditions to and from Midwest as identified in partnership by WYDOT. 

NCSD is continually working in direct collaboration with our community partners including WYDOT, Natrona County Road and Bridge, City of Casper, and other agencies as related to monitoring inclement weather and adverse travel conditions. 


All students are provided technology resources to bring home in the event of an inclement weather day. As such, they should be prepared to attend school virtually, Wednesday, October 13th. 


Students who attend Midwest school must log on to their Google Classroom at the normal start of school time to receive further instructions and information from their teachers. If your student experiences any issues logging on to virtual learning, please call 307-253-3500 or email sarah_gibson@natronaschools.org


Students who live in Midwest/Edgerton but attend a school in Casper should contact their school to implement remote learning for October 13th, 2021. Students must prepare to log into remote learning at the normal start of school time. 


Attendance will be taken and students must complete the required learning to account for their attendance. If your student does not attend, log on, or participate they will be counted as absent. 


As always, the primary responsibility in protecting a child's health and school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian. We appreciate your understanding and dedicated partnership as we work together to ensure safe, healthy, and exceptional learning environments for all.