COVID-19 Information For NCSD School Families

Last year with the combined effort of our students, staff, school families, healthcare experts, Board of Trustees, and community, we were successfully able to offer in-person instruction, and virtual instruction, to all students. We appreciate the compassion and care shown for each other, and especially our students, as we worked together to keep schools open. 

We know that this year will present challenges. We encourage you to help us keep schools open. In-person learning is vitally important for our students, families, and our community. Extensive quarantine or the isolation of students and staff will have detrimental impacts on our community. Keeping schools open and continuing to offer high-quality education opportunities to our children is a priority. 

Please, let’s pull together and make this a successful year by following the guidance below to keep each other safe and schools open in Natrona County: 

  • If you are sick, stay home. If your child is sick, keep them at home. 
  • Monitor yourself and your child for any symptoms of illness. If you are feeling ill or your child is feeling ill, please do not report to work, school, or a district facility. Stay home.
  • If you are presenting COVID-19 symptoms, contact your healthcare provider or the Casper-Natrona County Health Department and get tested. 
  • If you are directed to isolate or quarantine by the CNCHD or a healthcare provider, please follow this direction. 
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, please report it so appropriate measures can be taken to ensure the health and safety of others. If you are COVID-19 positive, do not come to school, work, or a district facility. STAY HOME. 
  • As there is currently no local, state, or federal masking order, wearing face coverings remains optional at NCSD, however, it is highly encouraged when social distancing cannot be maintained. 
    • Guidelines provided by the Wyoming Department of Health identify, if all individuals are masked - both a known positive and close contacts - only the known positive will need to isolate. Close contacts, if wearing masks, will self-monitor but will not be required to quarantine. 
  • Practice and maintain good hygiene including hand-washing, the use of hand sanitizer, and disinfecting and cleaning personal supplies as necessary. 
  • Visit with your children about proper hand-washing, not sharing water bottles, utensils, etc., and social distancing when they can. 
  • Face coverings will continue to be required on NCSD Transportation.

We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 within the school environment and will provide updates via our COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard.

The Natrona County School District will continue to work in direct collaboration with the Casper-Natrona County Health Department and our community in response to COVID-19. We appreciate your partnership and support as we work together to provide a high-quality in-person learning environment while maintaining our commitment to the safety and health of all students, staff, and the community.