Celebrating Employee Dedication to Educational Excellence in Natrona County!

We would also like to extend our gratitude and well wishes to those moving forward onto retirement! We wish you continued success, happiness, and excellence!


Check out the 2021 Retiree Celebration Video Here! 


Throughout their professional career at NCSD, they each have shown dedicated resolve and commitment to providing exceptional services, resources, and educational opportunities to students and school families. Their contributions to creating environments where students can grow, learn, and succeed will continue to make a lasting positive impression on our entire community and world for years to come. 


The 25 Year Longevity employees receive an engraved bell to commemorate their longevity and professional achievement in the Natrona County School District. 


Congratulations to each of you, and THANK YOU! 


25 Year Bell Recipients 

BRAD BARCLAY             

GINA BARKELL             

POLLY BEEBOUT             

TYANNA BLASE               

TRACI BLOM                

KENDRA BRUSH               

KARA BRUTSMAN            

AMANDA BYER               


LORI CETAK               

RUSSETT COOL                


JANICE DOLAN               

JASON FOERY               


JOHN FOY                 

MARCEE GEORGE                      

NANCY GERLOCK             

SHAWN GILLUM             

CHERYL GREENE              


JOHN HILDE               


JENNY JOHNSON            

MICHAEL JONES               


ANNA LEWAN               

LANCE MADZEY              

SIGNE ROSSING             

SARAH ROWLAND             

DARLINE SIMMONS             

JIM SPAULDING           

GRANT SYBRANT             

CARLENE WAGNER              

SHAWN WEIS                

DEBRA WHITE               




2021 Retirees

Brian Bitzan

Starlene Bobbitt

Anita Boland

Terry Boyle

Kim Brattis

Kathy Bridges

Roosevelt Brown

Pamela Bunderson

Michael Carlson

Susan Carlson

Belinda Coughlin

Diana Craig

Marilyn Davidson

Shelley Diehl

Elizabeth Dietz

Donna Drinkwalter

Kelly Eastes

Shelie Elliott

Kathleen Finch

Brenda Foy

Angela Frechea

LeeAnn Garner

Lisa Gray

Rebecca Harshman

Alice Houston

Linda Husk

Vicky Lynn Johnson

Jennifer Jozwik

Amy Larson

Becky Lawyer

Anne Marken

Vernita Marton

Kathryn McCall

Todd Morton

Bryan Olsen

Kevin Pagett

Lou Ann Parks

Todd Pierce

Michael Pyska

Monica Sayles

Torrene Scheeler

Susan Schmitt

Deborah Slensker

Debbie Snell

Marla Switzer

Ted Theobald

Karen Tower

Kristin Underwood

Sandra Van Galder

John VanderVoort

Kristie Vega

Sheila Villanueva

Janet Walters

Lisa Wentz

Carol Whalen