Congratulations to NCSD’s Teacher of the Year, Rick Zimmer!

Calling it his “dream job,” Mr. Zimmer has dedicated his professional career to educating, inspiring, connecting with, and supporting students at Roosevelt High School for the past 31 years. Additionally, he has led with integrity and positivity as an athletic coach during each of his 31 years at CY Middle School, Dean Morgan Junior High School, and for the last 14 years at Natrona County High School.

Known for his “Attitude of Gratitude” philosophy, Rick shared his inspiration for being a phenomenal teacher comes from those he is grateful to work with each day, When I heard the news I was completely humbled, and I immediately began thinking of all the fantastic people I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from throughout my thirty-one years in education. I do not think for a minute that I do anything better than my peers, and I know how hard all of us work to provide meaningful experiences for our kids.  What I do know is that I come to work with an attitude of gratitude every day and I never lose sight of the fact that I am blessed to get to do what I do each day. Thank you for this honor, and I know of a few hundred more that deserve this type of recognition!” 

Congratulations Mr. Zimmer, on this tremendous recognition of your commitment to educational excellence and the brilliant work you do each day!

And another final congratulations to the below NCSD Certified Teachers who were nominated to be considered for the Natrona County School District's Teacher of the Year award program this school year! 


Congratulations to the following nominees on this exceptional recognition! 

  • Dwight Ballard - Casper Classical Academy
  • Dana Berg - Bar Nunn Elementary
  • Michelle Bustos - Manor Heights Elementary
  • Lori Cimburek - Crest Hill Elementary
  • Kerin Dillon - Centennial Junior High
  • Jim Garbutt - Verda James Elementary
  • Tom Grogan - Natrona County High School
  • Samantha James - Verda James Elementary
  • Jeannette McCoy - Natrona Virtual Learning
  • Lance Madzey - Natrona County High School 
  • Stacy Mogen - Casper Classical Academy
  • Amber Monroe-Anderson -  Lincoln Elementary
  • Katie Ostlund - Kelly Walsh High School
  • Danna Parker - Dean Morgan Middle School
  • Linda Snyder - Lincoln Elementary
  • Kelsey Underwood - Lincoln Elementary
  • Rick Zimmer - Roosevelt High School