A Letter From Superintendent Jennings, THANK YOU!

As we close out the school year, I wanted to take a moment to share my sincere appreciation and gratitude for each of you. 

A year ago, around this time, I remember taking a moment to stop and reflect on the spring of 2020 school year. I was incredibly grateful for, but not surprised, at the incredible work of our staff, students, and school families during that very unique and trying time. 

After a few moments of reflection, I remember taking a deep breath and began looking forward at the 2020-2021 school year. We knew it would be filled with challenges, some known and some unknown. We knew there was a lot of hard work ahead of us. And, we knew together, as a collective district of staff, students, Board of Trustees, school families, and community - we could do it. 

While this year held many challenges, each and every student has excelled this academic year, and we are incredibly proud of every student...for every success...every day. 

We are grateful to our parents, school families, and our community for your support of students and education in our community. Our school families and community members are integral partners in reaching our shared goal of high expectations and academic success for our students and community.

Throughout the year, there have been countless moments of #EverydayExcellence; students and staff excelling in academics, achieving personal and professional achievements, showing compassion and kindness to each other, growing as individuals and leaders, and positively impacting their school and community. As you reflect on the 2020-2021 school year, I encourage you to not only focus on your successes and hard work but also on the joy and excellence that happened each day, in every classroom, hallway, playground, and building. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have the terrific students, staff, school families, and community members who go above and beyond every day, in and out of the classroom, to ensure educational excellence in Natrona County. 

I am honored to serve the students and families of the Natrona County School District. Thank you for all that you do. Congratulations, students, on a tremendous year. We wish you a great summer! 

Yours in Education, 

Superintendent Jennings