Pathways Innovation Center Open House Celebrates Student Success and Program Opportunities!

The event kicked off with attendees enjoying culinary delights prepared by the P.I.C. Culinary Arts students while they reveled in the brilliant musical performance of the NCHS Commerical music class.
Attendees of the evening had the option to tour the Core Construction class cabin which is currently open for bidding. The cabin, a reoccurring yearly project for students, is built with support from Casper College and other community partners. This year, the NCHS Interior Design students put their artistic design skills on display as they worked to creatively and expertly "stage" it for viewing.
Down the hallway, a PT Cruiser sat on display enticing attendees with the option to purchase a raffle ticket to win the masterpiece restored to its shining glory by Mr. Corson's Automotive class. Moving to the other side of the building, if you followed the sound of the joyful laughter, you would find the youngest students in attendance enjoying the animal and greenhouse displays from the Horticulture and Veterinary Science student projects.
Proceeds from the student projects go directly back to the student organizations as they work to develop projects for future classes.
Students provided tours of the building throughout the event and shared their perspectives on the programs available to interested guests. A common theme of the night, "the ability to create your future and work towards your goals after graduation."
Pathways Innovation Center Administrator, Lucas Dow, recognized the work that went into making the evening a success as well as those who have worked over the years to offer this exceptional opportunity to students in our community, "We want to recognize some tremendous individuals whose long-standing dedicated work and support has been instrumental in seeing Pathways grow into the exceptional program and opportunity for students that it is today. Thank you to our NCSD Board of Trustees, high school principals, and district administrators. Our open house event provided an opportunity to showcase C.T.E. learning and achievements that students were able to accomplish throughout the school year. I'd like to thank staff, students, and community members who helped make it a successful evening."
Pathways Innovation Center (P.I.C.) is an extension of Natrona County's high school system providing opportunities for students from N.C., KW, Roosevelt, and Midwest. Pathways courses of study include college–preparatory curriculum, industry certifications, portfolio development, and internships.
Pathways offers advanced and professional coursework in the 11th and 12th grades, which build on introductory experiences. Experiences are aligned to student interests which fulfill community needs.
Great work students and staff!