Ellbogen Meritorious Educators Honored for Significant Contribution to Education!

The Academic Awards Banquet began in 1998 as a way to recognize the exemplary work of the top 10 percent of each school’s graduating seniors and the educators who have significantly contributed to their high academic achievement. Student growth, high academic achievement, and positive influential adult-student relationships are foundational components contributing to the success of students, schools, and our community. The group of students and educators honored as part of this community tradition exemplify the successful attainment of that goal, and we are honored to partner with the Academic Awards Banquet Committee in celebration of educational excellence.


The Natrona County School District sincerely appreciates the Academic Awards Committee, the Casper College Foundation, the Ellbogen Foundations, and the distinguished educators for their significant support and dedication to empowering every learner to grow, excel, and become successful contributors to our community. 


Each of the honored students nominates three educators who have significantly contributed to their high academic achievement and positively influenced their educational journey in Natrona County. The educators who received the most nominations from students are honored as an Ellbogen Meritorious Educator at the annual awards banquet. The John P. Ellbogen Foundation and the Ruth R. Ellbogen Foundation graciously funded an endowment in order to continue presenting the Educator Awards in perpetuity.


Congratulations to the 2021 Ellbogen Meritorious Educators on this recognition and tremendous honor. Your outstanding work to provide all students with positive and inspiring opportunities to excel and achieve high academic success has made a lasting positive impact on their educational journey and, ultimately, a significant positive contribution to educational excellence and our community. 


This year’s Ellbogen Meritorious Educators are:


  • Shannon Nelson
  • Lynne Murray
  • Cody Marvel 
  • Jennifer Alvar 
  • Jamie Anderson
  • Brianna Farrell
  • Ashlie Howell 
  • Inga McCoy
  • Rick Zimmer