Bar Nunn Elementary Families build "Bobcat Traps"

Bar Nunn Elementary is committed to creating engaging learning environments while providing opportunities for parent involvement. Recently, Bar Nunn Elementary staff came up with the idea of "Bobcat Traps" as an interactive and fun family activity where all family members could participate together.
The idea was to create a Rube Goldberg machine, which adapts a simple task into a more complex set of steps and engages participants in problem-solving, creativity, and data collection. The school provided a starter kit for families to work on the activity at home that included information about Rube Goldberg machines, a planning sheet, a data collection sheet, a toy bobcat, tape, marbles, bouncy balls, a pulley, twine, dominoes, and a small box. With all the right resources and tools, families were ready to trap the Bobcat!
"My favorite part of this project was seeing the fun and excitement by students and parents as they worked side by side to create some truly fantastic Bobcat Traps. Parent involvement is crucial to the success of all students, when families are actively involved in their child's education, children feel confident in taking educational risks. These risks lead to the biggest educational gain," shared Principal Leslie. "The families and students at Bar Nunn are absolutely fabulous!! Despite all of the changes this year has brought, our families and students have shown courage and perseverance in all that they do!"
Bar Nunn Elementary is committed to providing engaging instructional strategies that will ensure the success of all students who enter their building!
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Great work Bobcat Families!