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Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board

Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board

The Recreation Joint Powers Board supports recreation, education and enrichment in Natrona County. The board, created in 2002, is a partnership between Natrona County, its municipalities, and the Natrona County School District. The five-person board is comprised of three NCSD trustees, one county commissioner and one city council member from either Bar Nunn, Casper, Edgerton, Evansville, Midwest or Mills. The board meets quarterly to hear grant requests for use of the one-mill tax levied for recreational purposes in Natrona County.

Thirty percent of the tax income is managed by the Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board. This board uses the money to bestow grants on community organizations for recreational services, facilities and activities. In the past, the REC Board has funded the following organizations and projects:

*Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming/Casper Boxing Club: All-American Center construction
*Casper Biathlon Club: equipment and range design study and some trail paving
*Casper Museum Consortium: Passport and Museum Magic
*Natrona County Public Library: Summer Reading
*Nicolaysen Art Museum: Discovery Center programming
*Lost Arrow Archers: Equipment
*Platte River Parkway: Fort Caspar Underpass for trails system, Casper Mountain trail
*Sue Jorgensen Foundation: Wyoming Reads – Natrona County
*Town of Edgerton: Playground equipment

*The Science Zone: Capitol campaign

*Natrona County Parks: Casper Mountain Trails Center, log package

(This list is not comprehensive.)

The Recreation Joint Powers Board establishing documents are available through the links below.

Board Members

2023 Recreation Powers Board Members are:

Ray Catellier
NCSD Trustee
Rec Board Chair

Jim Milne
Natrona County Commissioner
Rec Board Member

Kyla Alvey
NCSD Trustee
Rec Board Member

Kevin Christopherson
NCSD Trustee
Rec Board Member

Ray Pacheco
Casper City Council, Vice-Mayor
Rec Board Member


As of July 1, 2014 (revised July 2016), the Natrona County Recreations Joint Powers Board has instituted new guidelines for grant applications.

Please note that grants are only accepted from non-profit agencies.

For grant funding requests ranging from $1-$49,999:

* These requests will be accepted throughout the fiscal year and reviewed at each quarterly meeting.

* No matching funds or in-kind donations are required for funding. However, if the requesting agency has any matching or in-kind donations, they are encouraged to disclose them on the new Attachment A form of the Grant Requesting Form.

For grant funding requests ranging $50,000 or more:

*These requests will be accepted no later than April 15 of each fiscal year and reviewed only at the meeting following this deadline. Any request received after this deadline will not be considered until the following fiscal year.

*Grant-requesting agencies are required to prove 25% of total amount requested in matching funds or in-kind donations.

*Grant requesting agencies will be required to fill out and submit the new Attachment A form of the Grant Requesting Form.

How to request funding

The Board will fund proposals from non-profit agencies that benefit the community of Natrona County, with a focus on the recreational needs of children and families. The complete funding philosophy can be found by clicking below.

If you believe your request fits the funding philosophy, please following these directions.

Grant Request Packets:
The first step in requesting funding from the REC Board is to fill-out and submit the Grant Request Packet which can be found below:

Grant Request Packet (For grant requests ranging $1-$49,999)

Grant Request Packet (For grant requests ranging $50,000 or more)

The form is an interactive PDF and can either be completed electronically or by hand.

Please submit this form to:

Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board
c/o Tanya Southerland
970 N. Glenn Road
Casper, WY 82601

[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Grant Request Form along with the requested one-page budget and Attachment A will be accepted. Please do not submit any other supporting documentation as it will not be reviewed or considered by the board.

The board does not accept Letters of Interest (LOIs). All requests must be made using the Grant Request Form. Any LOIs received will be returned to the requesting agency.

Full Grant Request:
Once your letter request has been reviewed by the board, they will decide if they want to hear a full grant request. You will be contacted at this time with the details of the full grant request requirements.