Congratulations, 2023-2024 Retirees!

Throughout their professional career at NCSD, these extraordinary individuals have shown steadfast resolve and commitment to providing exceptional services, resources, and educational opportunities to students and school families. Their contributions to creating environments where students can grow, learn, and succeed will continue to make a lasting positive difference in our entire community and world for years to come.

“During my time with NCSD, I’ve been fortunate to share countless moments of kindness, academic and personal success, collaboration, and excellence of students and staff. What we learn from each other as colleagues and educators throughout our professional careers is a gift,” shared Superintendent Jennings. “I have been honored to work with such remarkable individuals across the district during my career. We thank each retiree for their time and service and wish them the very best in their future.” 

Congratulations, retirees. Thank you for sharing your talents, passion, care, and commitment to educational excellence with students, staff, and our community. We wish you continued success, happiness, and excellence.


2023-2024 Natrona County School District Retirees

Dana Berg, Elizabeth Bergslien, Donna Castle, 

Robyn Chivers, Marial Choma, Amy Costello, 

Shawn Eisenreich, Sharon Engling, Jodie Estes, 

Heather Feraud, Kerry Fischer, Tyrone Fittje, 

Julie Fleming, Nancy Gerlock, Bertha Gonzalez, 

Steven Harshman, Barbara Harvey, Connie Hepworth, 

Sedonia Herrera, Jeneen Hill, Robert Hill, 

Michael Jennings, Kimberly Jennings, Sheryl Jordan, 

Rita Martin, Jeannette McCoy, Jimmy Mobley,

Michael Mohr, Timothy Moreno, Ann Perko,

J Pribbernow, Eric Reish, James Sanchez,

Scott Schutte, Todd Sexton, Perri Shutts,

Meegan Steinberg, Kimberly Syverts, Teresa Taubert,

Susan Urban, Walter Wilcox, Marie Worthing


*This list is updated as of June 3rd, 2024, with retirees from this academic year. We look forward to continuing to honor retirees in future celebrations.