Lincoln Lions Jump for Heart Heroes!

The Kids Heart Challenge has been an annual event at Lincoln Elementary for the past 20 years. This yearly event teaches students the importance of heart health, giving back to others through the American Heart Association, and raising awareness for important causes. “This cause is literally and metaphorically near and dear to our hearts at Lincoln,” shared Mrs. Lehman, Physical Education teacher at Lincoln Elementary. Mrs. Lehman has spearheaded this initiative at Lincoln for the last seven years; when discussing the event, her pride and joy for the school and students is evident: "We have many Heart Heroes that we celebrate through this cause and the final event. Heart Heroes are family members or friends that inspire us to raise money for the American Heart Association because of their heart conditions. I love having an event that brings so many students and staff together for an amazing cause.” Through the event's success and popularity, Lincoln Elementary established a Jump Rope club whose talented student leaders showcased their skills during the day! (Check out their performance here!)


Students participate in various stations highlighting heart health and physical activity while incorporating math and music! Students had a terrific time at the tempo and jump rope stations practicing their skills and enjoyed matching jumping rope to the beat of the music. While at the stethoscope station, students learned to calculate beats per minute for their heart rates. 


Students shared some of their favorite parts of the day with us! 


"My favorite part of jump rope club is doing the double-dutch with the added single jump rope because it is challenging but really fun." ~ Hannah, 4th grade


"In jump rope club, we work on jump roping with long and short ropes. Sometimes we even try double-dutch. My favorite thing about jump rope club is getting to spend time with my friends jumping rope!" ~ Harper, 4th grade 


"I like jump rope club because we get to practice double jump rope. I like double jump rope because we can do cool tricks. “ - Natalia, 4th grade


A schoolwide celebration, Principal Hubert shared his appreciation for the time and effort students and staff put forth to make it a success, “It is a wonderful event for a worthy cause. The performance by our Jump Rope Club is always a highlight. They persevere and are exhausted by the end of the day!” 


Lincoln Elementary is committed to growing students and ensuring high levels of achievement for all!