Roosevelt High School Powerlifting Club Pushing Students Toward Athletic and Academic Success!

Students in the powerlifting club have been working dedicatedly throughout the year to prepare for this final competition, where they are able to showcase their hard work and success. The Powerlifting club athletes participate in the Barbell Back Squat, the Barbell Bench Press, and the Barbell Deadlift. At the competition, student-athletes will have three attempts on each lift, and the athlete in each weight class with the highest total wins the competition. 

Roosevelt High School’s Powerlifting club aims to increase students' lifting power and bring out their power to shine academically. Students in the Powerlifting Club work together under a set of agreed-upon core values that are developed to set students up for success in athletics and academics. With a focus on student success, time management, attendance at school and practice, good citizenship, and goal setting, these club values prepare students for success in and out of the classroom and gym. 

“Powerlifting has pushed me to show up and do my best in school.” shared Zack. Participating in powerlifting for the first time this year, he credits his dedication to the sport for helping him succeed towards his goal of graduation. “In powerlifting, you’ve got to be focused; it keeps your mind right. It motivates me. I surprised myself the first time I lifted. Now it’s just something I like to do and am good at.”  

Tobias, a senior at RHS, believes that while powerlifting may be an individual sport, at the end of the day, it is all about the team, “It’s a family within a family. We always push each other to go the extra mile and to do our best. We encourage each other to get our weight. Even if we don’t get it, it’s all about pushing each other to try. We are always working to encourage each other to keep our head straight, keep our grades right. We depend on each other for the team. Success, it’s hard but never impossible.” 

Kazden joined powerlifting at the suggestion of her friends on the team and shared her appreciation for the confidence it has given her, “I was involved in weight training, and I liked the class. I ended up joining the powerlifting team because I knew people doing it. Overall, I began to love it, and I think it's a great experience. I’ve always been really shy, but coming into powerlifting has made me more extroverted, and it’s made me put myself out there. I’m grateful that I’ve had this opportunity. I’ve gained a lot of confidence, especially at competitions.”

Focused goal setting has provided an overall benefit for the student-athletes, “I’ve learned a lot. If you set a goal and hold yourself to that goal, no matter what the goal is, you’ll get it. It may take you a minute, and you may fail a couple of times, but you will get there,” shared Trevor.  “We are all doing the same thing, same lifts, different weights. But we are here for each other. It’s honestly a great experience. The things I’ve learned about taking care of myself and my body, it’s helps you succeed outside the gym too.” 

In its 4th year at RHS, teachers and club coaches Jim Russell and Matt Gardiner appreciate the club's positive impact on student success. "We teach them how to set big goals and then how to set smaller ones to achieve them.  We talk at length with them about how failure is just an opportunity to learn. So, if they miss a lift, it's ok, we learn from it, and we work at it until we can accomplish it,” shared Russell. While the students prepare to take on Powerlifting Nationals, their coaches are proud of the growth and achievement the students have already exemplified, “The Powerlifting club benefits our athletes in a myriad of ways. One of the biggest is that they have learned how to overcome adversity vs. just quitting. They have the confidence and skills to be productive members of the community. This opportunity provides them with an avenue for success, a platform from which to shine, and the skills necessary to be successful in life. We are looking forward to our continued success at Nationals!”

Congratulations, students! 

Roosevelt High School is committed to engaging, real-world learning through strong relationships, high expectations, and a safe, structural learning environment.


Roosevelt High School Powerlifting Club Results from the 2023 Wyoming State Powerlifting Championships

Allie Herman:  

  • 1st place in Weight Class, State Records in Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Total.  

Kazden Hossack:

  • 1st place in weight class, State records in Deadlift, and Total

Issabelle Roylance:

  • 1st Place in her weight class

Trevor Jackson

  • 1st in Weight Class

Evanston Conner

  • 1st in Weight Class

Tobias Oldaker

  • 1st in Weight Class

Talon Ooka

  • 2nd in Weight Class

Gabe Watters

  • 1st in Weight Class

Zack Brewer

  • 2nd in Weight Class