NCSD Student Musicians Set to Showcase Their Musical Talents at All-State Jazz

Students are selected for “All State Status” through a highly-selective audition process. Then, after spending three days rehearsing with world-class conductors, collaborating with their peers, and preparing their music, students will perform in a highly-anticipated concert. We caught up with some of these student musicians to find out what they look most forward to in All-State Jazz.

Mason Napier, an NCHS bass player, shared, “I am looking forward to the music and working with the conductor. I have played with a lot of the guys that are in the band, and I love playing with them any chance I get.” He also shared the incredible impact music has had on his life, “Music has been one of the greatest influences on my life. Whenever I am feeling down, I can turn to the base or listen to my favorite artists. And it has helped me create amazing connections with people.”

Brody Stone, who will be playing the drum set for the second year at All-State representing KWHS band, is excited to connect with other musicians around the state, “I am looking forward to working with different people around Wyoming and being able to play music in a different group. I love being part of the band for many is a great way for me to reduce stress throughout the school year, and it holds a great community.”

Ozzy Ness, an NCHS trumpet player, shared his appreciation for the talent and dedication of those he will be playing with, “I am looking forward to the experience of being able to play with a band from the top players in the state. It will be nice to play in a band that is full of people who truly care about their instrument and what they are doing.”

KWHS trombonist, Brodie Doyle, credits his time in band as a contributing factor to his success as a student and a musician, “Band has helped me as a student and person by keeping me involved in something.” Through his experience in band, he has found a “second family and home” and recalls one of his fondest memories is the fun he and his fellow students have “playing Guitar Hero with their director, Mr. Broyles.” 

NCHS trumpet player, Cooper Skiles, is excited to participate in his first All-State experience, “It feels pretty good to participate as a freshman. The practice definitely paid off. I am looking forward to the experience of being able to play with a really good jazz band.”

Congratulations to all the student musicians showcasing their extraordinary musical talents at the upcoming Wyoming All-State Jazz Concert. 

NCSD All-State Jazz Music Selections

All-State Jazz Band 1 

Zoe Bryan - Vibes - Natrona County High School

Will Cubin - Auxiliary Percussion - Kelly Walsh High School

Jack Diaz - Alto 1 - Natrona County High School

Bryce Hebert - Bari - Natrona County High School

Mason Napier - Bass - Natrona County High School

Ozzy Ness - Trumpet 2 - Natrona County High School

Coulter Paris - Trumpet 1 - Natrona County High School

Arielle Purcell - Trombone 3 - Natrona County High School

Cooper Skiles - Trumpet 3 - Natrona County High School

Jordan Sorensen - Guitar - Kelly Walsh High School

Kai Wolz - Drums - Natrona County High School


All-State Jazz Band 2

Brodie Doyle - Trombone 2 - Kelly Walsh High School

Cohen Hayes - Tenor 1 - Natrona County High School

Matt Schrader - Trumpet 2 - Natrona County High School

Brody Stone - Drums - Kelly Walsh High School

All-State Jazz Choir

Brody Fackler - Tenor - Kelly Walsh High School

Hailey Hixson - Soprano - Kelly Walsh High School

Halle Morris - Alto - Kelly Walsh High School