Evansville Eagles Soar to New Heights of Learning Each Day!

Students learned about the work of firefighters/EMTs and the equipment they utilize to keep our community safe and healthy. 

An exciting day for all, Captain Coursen was thrilled to see the students' contagious energy and excitement to learn, "We covered three of the things we do often - Wildland Fire, Structure Fire, and EMS calls. Students were shown how they should get low when there is smoke and to listen for a smoke detector in their home. Students also had the opportunity to tour the ambulance and fire engine to see the tools used to take care of medical calls and put out fires. Students were then shown what a firefighter looks like in full gear and on air. The Evansville kindergarten class was awesome, and we had a lot of fun seeing their energy and excitement to learn." 

Students also shared some of their favorite moments of the fun learning opportunity:
Alice shared, "I liked seeing the ambulance!"
Cason shared, "My favorite part was pulling the fire hose."
Lilianna shared, "My favorite part was seeing the water spray from the firetruck!"

Captain Coursen shared his appreciation for the opportunity, "We believe it is important to build positive relations with the youth of our community because we want to keep our community safe. If they know who we are and how we do things, it builds a relationship that hopefully they can look to for safety and protection as well as impress on their minds the importance of helping in our community with the hopes of building some future firefighters in our community."

The Town of Evansville Fire-EMS department works dedicatedly each day to provide emergency medical, fire, rescue, and service assistance to the residents of the Town of Evansville and Natrona County. Thank you to the Evansville Fire Department for your commitment to community partnerships and for supporting students in their educational journey