Leaders Today, Leaders Tomorrow: Summit Elementary Celebrates Leadership Day!

Summit Elementary showcased student leadership and collaboration with its annual Leadership Day. The highly-anticipated event is an opportunity for students to showcase the projects, clubs, activities, and learning successes they have been working on throughout the academic year. 

The event was entirely student-led, with the young leaders actively introducing each visitor to their school and engaging their audience by demonstrating samples of rigorous and hands-on learning projects related to 21st-century learning. 

Summit students confidently approached parents, friends, and community members in attendance by guiding them through the stations and engaging them in exciting and pointed discussions surrounding their particular class or group project. Principal Gray shared the joy experienced in seeing the students showcase their excellence throughout the year in this culminating event, “It's an incredible opportunity for Summit Elementary to involve our community in participating in the learning of our students. I love watching students presenting, showing off their genius, and engaging with our community.” 

In its 11th year, the Summit Elementary Leadership Day is a continued success in part due to the community support and involvement it receives. “The community and parent involvement we get from this event is amazing. It’s neat for our guests to be able to see the learning across our school in a single day! We always kick off the event with a song or small performance of some sort - it’s a beautiful thing to hear 450 voices of children sing in unity! The song/performance is always tied to our theme for that year. It usually brings me to tears,” shared Ms. Wilson, Summit Elementary 3rd-grade teacher.

The day showcased the innovative learning environment at Summit Elementary, with every student shining as not only young “leaders of tomorrow”…but also as “leaders of today.”

Summit Elementary is committed to preparing children to excel and lead in the 21st Century!