Journey Elementary Kindergarten Students Celebrate ABC Bootcamp Graduation!

Kindergarten students at Journey Elementary have been learning a letter a day for the past few weeks. During that time, they practice writing the letter, making their sounds, and looking for the letter in words! “Our students have already shown amazing growth this school year, from things like fine motor to identifying letters and reading words. They are all working hard and are so excited to come to school every day!” shared Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Honken, who shared her appreciation for the learning support of parents and guardians. “It is a huge help when parents support their student's learning at home. We recommend simple games, looking for the letters in books and the environment, doing hands-on activities that allow children to build and write the letters, and READING. Reading is a simple thing that makes such a huge impact on so many skills.” 


Staff Sergeant Dukart of the Army National Guard stopped by on Friday to help the students celebrate their success. Journey Teachers, Mrs. Dukart, Mrs. Koch, and Mrs. Honken were so excited for Journey Elementary’s first annual ABC Bootcamp graduation and look forward to seeing future students celebrate the same educational excellence in years to come!