Love Your City Project Helps NCSD Schools Start the School Year Looking Great!

"It was truly a terrific experience partnering with HPCC on their Love Your City projects to enhance our grounds," shared Director of Maintenance and Custodial Services, Scott Honken. "Their project teams were an immense help planting trees, flowers, and bushes. As well as picking up trash, adding mulch, pulling weeds, and doing a multitude of other projects. The enthusiasm of the volunteers and the dedicated work of the Love Your City project will have a lasting impact on our schools and community for years to come." 
NCSD is committed to working together with our community to develop and engage at the school and district levels parent and community partnerships that will foster a climate of high expectations for all. We want to share our sincere appreciation to the HPCC Love Your City project for their gracious work in assisting us to keep our schools looking amazing for the school year ahead!