Casper Area Education Foundation Invests in the Future of Outstanding Senior Students With Scholarship Awards!

This year, we are honored to have awarded $18,500 in Casper Area Education Foundation Trustee scholarships for outstanding NCSD senior students who are committed to pursuing a successful academic future along with dedicated interest and plans to give back to their community. 

The Casper Area Education Foundation was established in 1973 and benefits the children of the Natrona County School District. Through the generosity of area businesses, civic organizations, and individuals, CAEF now oversees 20 scholarship funds of privately donated money that is dedicated to making student’s education better, more affordable, and innovative along with creating self-sustaining charitable programs.

Due to the current COVID-19 impacts on our community and an overwhelming number of highly qualified students, the Board of Directors is awarding additional scholarships this year to honor our mission of supporting the educational goals of students in Natrona County.

We have awarded the traditional three $2,000 scholarships, four $1,000 scholarships, and an additional seventeen $500 scholarships.

Congratulations to the following CAEF Trustee Scholarship Recipients: 

Kerissa Anderson, Makenzie Anderson, Pheobe Anderson, Mark Annis, Edward Atkinson, Grace Clair, Alyssa DePoorter, Brady Dutcher, Marrisa Engberg, Kate Foster, Maggie Gazda, Jace George, Gabriella Haigler, Sarah Heward, Brooklyn Hytrek, Brooke McKenna, Taeron Miller, Bridger Myers, Siera Randolph, Erin Ramsey, Zackary Southerland, Isaiah Timbers, Ellie Weibel, and Abigail Wilcox

These well-deserving students have shown dedicated resolve towards fulfilling their academic and life goals with continued interest to lead as strong and positive representatives of NCSD and our community. Our wish for them, a bright future. Our ask of them, to continue to give back to others and their community as they can. And our hope for them, to always be thoughtful and purposeful in their actions.  

Congratulations to all graduates on your next steps towards continued success!