“Humans Helping Humans” Project at Park Elementary Raises $1,600 for Homeless Teenagers in Natrona County

Always looking for ways to put that mission into action, the school-wide community service project, “Humans Helping Humans”, raised $1,600 for homeless teenagers as part of the Unaccompanied Students Initiative program in Natrona County.


The idea for a school-wide community service project came about through creative collaboration by Park Elementary educators Julie Pierantoni and Chris Beamer, who are currently working on a teacher professional development program called the Marzano High Reliability program. Through the program, they were challenged to implement at least one project or activity in the classroom designed to enhance students' self-actualization or connection to something greater than self. Together, the educators teamed up with their school community to create “Humans Helping Humans” as a fun school-wide project to help connect students to a need in the community. 

Park Elementary is dedicated to building independent learners who are confident, responsible, creative problem solvers. Park Elementary 2nd grade teacher, Julie Pierantoni, shared, “Throughout the pandemic, students expressed concerns for homeless students in the community. We wanted to empower our students to turn their concerns into action. Humans helping Humans was a fun way we could support the USI home in our community.” 

Ms. Pierantoni is passionate about meeting the needs of all students while empowering them each to have big dreams, “This project has been very special to me because we watched our amazing students have the dream to help homeless kids in our city far exceed all their expectations. Students continue to be empowered to help our community and look for more opportunities to be good humans.” 

With the terrific support and partnership of Park Elementary P.E. Teacher, Ms. Hutchison, during the week of  April 19th-23rd, all Park Elementary students participated in a fundraising walk/run during their P.E. classes. Students also had the opportunity to purchase t-shirts as part of the fundraiser. The Park Elementary Kindness Club students also joined in on the fun and created care packages to be given to the homeless youth at the USI home

A resounding success, the “Human Helping Humans” project not only gave back to students in the community but helped create lasting memories among the school community. Teaching 2nd and 3rd grade Dual Language Immersion, Ms. Beamer shared the joy she finds each day in her job, “the coolest job there is”, comes from being around the amazing students all day long, “We want students to understand that the way we treat others is more important than being the smartest person in the room. We know that when a community works together, great things happen; and we want our students to know that they have the power to make a difference.” 

Growing Good Humans, indeed.