2021 Academic Awards! The Celebration of Natrona County’s Outstanding Seniors and Significant Educators

This recognition of academic achievement began in the way best ideas do, with a group of individuals sharing their interests and support of each other and, in this case, their children.


In 1998, a collective group of parents held a shared interest to continue to celebrate the athletic and activity achievements of students but also to recognize the profound importance of student academic success. As such, for over twenty-three years, the Academic Awards program has acknowledged and honored the educational excellence of graduating students in Natrona County.  


In addition to the students, educators nominated by the students as having a “profound impact on their educational development” are honored as part of the Academic Awards program. Student growth, high academic achievement, and positive influential adult-student relationships are foundational components contributing to the success of students, schools, and our community. 


The Academic Awards Banquet recognizes the exemplary work of the top 10 percent of each school’s graduating seniors and the educators who have significantly contributed to their high academic achievement. Each year, we are honored to share in the celebration of educational excellence recognized by the Academic Awards program. 


The Natrona County School District sincerely appreciates the Academic Awards Committee, the Casper College Foundation, the Ellbogen Foundations, and the distinguished educators for their significant support and dedication to empowering every learner to grow, excel, and become successful contributors to our community. 


As part of the NCSD Strategic Plan, the Board of Trustees has outlined student growth and high academic achievement as a priority goal, which is being exemplified throughout the district and in the celebration of these students and educators. We are very proud of the Academic Award student recipients, their families, and all educators who worked to provide them with positive and inspiring opportunities to excel and achieve high academic success. 


Congratulations to all the students and educators recognized for this outstanding accomplishment! 




2021 Nominated Educators:

Nate Abel, Jennifer Alvar, Cheryl Anderson, Jamie Anderson, Christopher Asay, Rainey Auen, Jamie Bachert, Dwight Ballard, Lori Baragar, Kristy Barr, Anne Barreda, Heather Beebout, Polly BeeBout, Christy Bekke, Rick Black, Katherine Boehnke, Lana Bolan, Ellie Bolender, Annie Boulanger, Jennifer Bower, Randy Bower, Cynthia Brachtenbach, Mike Brainard, Joni Bunce, Rebecca Byer, Bud Byrd, Angela Cavalier, Evony Charest, Jessica Christensen, Tobias Clouser, Joan Davies, Kyla Deal, Laura Deal, Shannon Dean, Shawn Delaney, Gary DePaolo, Steven Donisthorpe, Kyle Dye, Robert Ewings, Maci Evans, Brianna Farrell, Timothy Fauss, Bridget Fink, Geraldine Galles, Matthew Gardiner, Marcee George, Lisa Gray, Susan Griffith, Claudia Grigg, Bridget Gwilliam, Lannis Haldeman, Rebecca Harshman, Steve Harshman, Sandy Hartsky, Dustin Hebert, James Herbst, Sarah Hiatt, Cindy Hill, Jeneen Hill, Kalen Hill, Aaron Hinton, Byran Honken, Valarie Honken, Ashlie Howell, Dennis Howell, Cynthia Huckfeldt, Arthur Ireland, Stephanie Jensen, Chellsie Johnson, Jenny Johnson, Vicky Johnson, Paul Kasza, Catherine Kellick, Melanie Kelly, Paul Kinner, Deborah LaChance, Mary Lain, Sue Lambrix, Jennifer Lijewski, Justin Maes, Barbara Maguire, Jenny Marshall, Joseph Martinez, Cody Marvel, Marcy Marvel, Elizabeth Masterson, Rosanna Maxwell, Inga McCoy, Randy McIntyre, Marci Miles, Andrea Miller, Bridger Miller, Pamela Miller, Amanda Mongar, Caroline Mooren, Rachel Moturi, Lynne Murray, Darin Myers, Shannon Nelson, Kristopher Newman, Linda Olsen, Michelle Onstott, Audrey Ortberg, Annette Pace, Shane Palmer, Kortnie Palumbo, Jeffery Piel, Jill Pomroy, Megan Propp, Tara Realing, Brandie Reed, Surrey Reilly, Duane Reimer, Scott Reinsbach, Randolph Ridgeway, Brent Rose, Kori Royse, James Russell, Guy Sallade, Brandon Schafer, Susan Schilling, Mary Semino, Chad Sharpe, Dominique Simmons, Kaoru Slotsve, Gene Smith, Jessica Snell, Rebecca Sondag, Bud Sorenson, James Spaulding, Whitney Speiser, Devon Strube, Amanda Sutton, Jared Swenson, Marla Switzer, Aaron Temple, Jamie Tipps, Todd Trupp, Wayne Tuttle, Scott Underbrink, Kristin Underwood, Susan Urban, Erika Van Ert, Daphne Vaughn, Paula Volker, Haylie Wendland, Barbara Werner, Marisa Wesnitzer, Whitney Wilking, Bethany Williams, Kristina Williams, Patricia Williams, Jennifer Wilson, Lacey Wilson, Brianna Young, Erin Zavodny, and Rick Zimmer.