After careful evaluation and review of current and projected weather and transportation conditions, it has been determined NCSD Schools, and District Offices will have a delayed start of 2 hours tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17th, 2021.

In-person learning is being planned at all school locations.  In extreme situations where students are unable to physically leave their homes, please contact your school for information on virtually joining instruction with the live classroom.

At this time, the City of Casper is working dedicatedly to keep major thoroughfares open, and it is believed the majority of areas directly around schools will be cleared by mid-morning tomorrow. Our NCSD maintenance and custodial staff will be working diligently throughout the day and evening to clear sidewalks directly around the school. 

If your child’s school normally starts at 8:00 AM, please arrive at 10:00 AM (Two Hours Later Than Normal) 

End of Day school release times will occur as normal. Information on after-school activities should be directed to your child's school. 


  • If your child normally arrives at their bus stop at 7:00 AM, please arrive at the bus stop at 9:00 AM. 

  • NCSD Snow Stops will be deployed. Your student will report to their designated Snow Stop. 

    • This information will be emailed to the email address on file for your student bus rider. If you do not receive this email, please contact NCSD Transportation at 253-5283. We will begin answering calls at 7:30 AM. *Please check your spam folder* 

  • If your child rides a school bus, please understand there may be delays. We will work diligently to stay on schedule. Please check NCSD’s Facebook page for updates of significant delays. 

  • Special Transportation will have alternate pick-up and drop-off locations. If you have not received a direct notification, please contact NCSD Transportation by calling 253-5283.

We greatly appreciate the assistance of our school families and community as we work to continue school operations. While snow days may be a great opportunity to read a good book and spend time with your family, we are ready and excited to get back to school! 

We are asking for our community’s help as we ensure a safe start to the school day tomorrow. 

Drivers, please give yourself more time to arrive at your destination. Watch carefully for students walking to and from school or at bus stops. It is imperative you know and understand your vehicle’s limitations and clearance capabilities. Please do not try and cross high windrows and risk the likelihood of becoming stuck. This will back up traffic in and around schools and create a potential safety hazard for students.

As always, the primary responsibility in protecting a child’s health and school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian. If you choose to keep your student home from school and are unable to connect to virtual learning, please contact the school to mark them as school excused. 

This information is subject to change based on any unforeseen circumstances or additional snowfall, drifting snow, or blowing and hazardous conditions.  Any changes will communicate via text and phone call by approximately 5:30AM tomorrow. Updates will also be posted on our website, NCSD Facebook, and shared with our media partners.