NCSD Parent News - February 5, 2021

NCSD Website New Look! 

In order to continue to create operational efficiencies and communicate effectively with all stakeholders, the NCSD Public Relations Department, in connection with NCSD Information Technology Department, would like to announce the NCSD Website "refresh". As a result, the website will be under construction over the weekend. 

Please see this link for an external link to Parent Campus - Infinite Campus.

Any important District information needing to be communicated while our website is under construction will be shared via NCSD Parent News email and our on  NCSD Facebook


NCSD Kindergarten Enrollment for NEXT Academic Year! 

NCSD Enrollment office is excitedly preparing for the upcoming academic year. If you have an incoming Kindergarten student for next school year and you have not already done so, please submit the enrollment information as soon as possible. 

Click HERE to enroll your NEW student for the 2021-22 Academic Year!

Click the Links below for great Kindergarten Readiness Resources and Information! 


Kindergarten Screenings are Happening Now!

Kindergarten screenings are a terrific opportunity for families to visit with Early Childhood educators and learn more information about Kindergarten Readiness! Call us now to schedule a Kindergarten Screening for your student! Screenings are scheduled by appointment only. Please call 307-253-5434 to schedule your appointment today! 

See the attached flier for more information on appointment dates. 


NCSD Inclement Weather Reminder

Natrona County School District recognizes that school is an important part of community and family life. As a result, schools will be closed for inclement weather or natural disasters only when the community itself is unable to operate safely. Primary factors considered are adverse weather conditions and the safe transportation of students and staff. 

Follow Us on Facebook! - Communications are sent out via text and a phone call by approximately 5:30 a.m. from NCSD Public Relations in the case of inclement weather. We also immediately publish this information on our NCSD Facebook and Website! 

Click here for the NCSD Inclement Weather Protocol

Click here for information on NCSD Transportation Snow Stops!


Parent Bulletin Board

The NCSD Bulletin Board is designed to share information on non-profit community events and activities for students and families. Check back weekly for updates!

Night at the Museums - Feb 26

Girl Scouts Stellar Exploration Virtual Program

National Historic Trail Interpretive Center Spring 2021 Virtual Learning Opportunities

Click here to view the Parent Bulletin Board