Each day, 80 experienced bus drivers transport 7,000 students to and from school in Natrona County. To facilitate transportation of students in an open enrollment district, the department runs a hub system, similar to a public bus system.

The NCSD Transportation Department manages all fleet vehicles, bus drivers, routes, and field trip transportation.

For more details, including bus-rider rules, bus schedules and routes, and safety information, please call 253-5283.

Bus Registration Form

Anticipated Bus Stops

A searchable, layered, color-coded map has been created that allows parents to see all of the anticipated bus stops within NCSD's transportation system. Parents can enter in their address and see which stops are near their home. In most cases* the nearest stop will be their child's stop. The map also allows users to see elementary, middle school, and/or high school stops all together or individually.

Click here to use the searchable map.

*In some instances the nearest stop is not your child's stop. If a major roadway or geographic feature is between your address and the stop, a different stop has been assigned to your child for safety reasons.


Sydney Webb
Director of Transportation

K.C. LeClere
Assistant Director of Transportation

Vickie Skates
Assistant Director of Transportation

Janice Baalhorn
Administrative Specialist

Toni Dodge
Special Needs Scheduler

Clint Wolfe
Activity / Field Trip Scheduler

John Vandervoort
Foreman Midwest Transportation

Brooks Dehony
Supervisor/Fleet Maintenance

Kimberly Hawkes
Driver Trainer/Bus Hub Coordinator

Kelli Slominski
Driver Trainer/Bus Hub Coordinator