Each day, 80 experienced bus drivers transport 7,000 students to and from school in Natrona County. To facilitate transportation of students in an open enrollment district, the department runs a hub system, similar to a public bus system. Students are provided free transportation to any school in the district, regardless of where in the county they reside.

The NCSD Transportation Department manages all fleet vehicles, bus drivers, routes, and field trip transportation.

The 2013-14 bus schedules will be available Aug 5, 2013.

For more details, including bus-rider rules, bus schedules and routes, and safety information, please call 253-5283.


Sydney Webb
Transportation Manager

Toni Dodge
Special Needs Bus Driver Scheduler

Donna Pagel
Bus Driver Scheduler

Clint Wolfe
Activity / Field Trip Scheduler

James Hirz
Bus Driver Trainer

Larry Rowland
Supervisor Equipment Maint

John Vandervoort
Foreman Midwest Transportation

2014-15 Student Transportation Registration

Please complete the registration form if:
-Your student did not ride a bus in the 2013-14 school year.
-You have a change of address or school.
-The information you received is incorrect.
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Bus Schedules 2013-14

The 2013-14 bus schedules will be available Aug 5th.