The Facilities Department oversees all capital construction, maintenance, utilities, environmental compliance, laundry, grounds keeping and custodial services for the district.

The Facilities Department staff maintains 136 individual buildings. These buildings include schools, support buildings, portables, rural school homes and apartments, and stadiums. In addition, Facilities staff maintains 372 acres of land, which includes both undeveloped and developed land.

The Facilities Department also negotiates the annual natural gas rate for the District to which District employees and retirees can utilize.


Dennis E. Bay
Executive Director Business Services

Deborah Stoneking
Administrative Assistant

Scott Honken

Frank Longtine
Supervisor Custodian-district

Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for all life, health, safety, routine and preventative maintenance building systems encompassing 2,762,773 million square feet, 138 individual buildings and 378 acres including: HVAC, plumbing, painting, fire suppression equipment, fire monitoring equipment, door monitoring, sewage issues, security cameras, kitchen equipment, roofs, electrical systems, landscape, horticultural, fencing, flooring, cabinets, equipment maintenance, concrete flatwork, access management, windows, signage, scoreboards, snow plowing, playground equipment, asphalt, intercom and sound enhancement, and many other systems.

Major Maintenance

As defined by the Wyoming School Facilities Department: “Major Maintenance” or “Major Building and Facility Repair and Replacement" means the repair or replacement of complete or major portions of school building and facility systems at irregular intervals which is required to continue the use of the building or facility at its original capacity for its original intended use and is typically accomplished by contractors due to the personnel demand to accomplish the work in a timely manner, the level of sophistication of the work, or the need for warranted work.

Funding for Major Maintenance projects are soley funded by the Wyoming School Facilities Department; all projects must be approved by the Wyoming School Facilities Department.

DMJH Renovation Update

This project is a phased renovation of Dean Morgan Junior High. The renovation started in June 2012 and will continue through 2015. Renovation includes reconfiguring building spaces to be able to add four new classrooms, installation of updated technology, modernization of science and Career Track Education (CTE) space, installation of a fire suppression system throughout entire building, upgrades to the HVAC systems, Increased electrical capabilities, new casework, increased storage space, and modernization of the cafeteria kitchen area. Groathouse Construction, Inc. has been retained as construction manager for this project. Photographs of the renovation are listed below, as well as a progress drawing of the third floor.

DMJH Renovation Drawing 2013_4_5

NCSD Capital Construction

The Natrona County School District, supported by funding from the State of Wyoming, is embarking on a capital construction program that is expected to remodel or rebuild many schools in the county as determined by the School Facilities Department.

The Wyoming School Facilities Department, which was established following Wyoming Supreme Court cases that deemed the State responsible for school facilities, provides oversight funding, and final approval for major maintenance and capital construction.

High School Projects

The Natrona County School District is working to revamp its secondary education system. Part of this process involves renovation of the two largest high schools in the district, along with the construction of a new high school campus in Casper.

Kelly Walsh High School and Natrona County High School will be renovated in stages to better accommodate growing student populations and 21st Century learning needs. KWHS has $99.7 million for design and construction, and NCHS has $136.4 million for design and construction. Architects for each project include: RB+B Architects for KWHS, and Bassetti Architects for NCHS.

Meanwhile a new campus will provide a new home for Roosevelt High School and the Transitions program, as well as a center for hands-on learning. CAPS, or the Center for Advanced and Professional Studies, will offer half-day programs for students attending other district high schools. Students will be able to take courses in four academies: Academy of Creative Arts, Communication & Design, Academy of Health Sciences & Human Services; Academy of Business, Agriculture & Natural Resources; and Academy of Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering. The new campus has $31.6 million for design and construction, and MOA Cuningham Group has been retained as architect for this project.

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Elementary School Projects

Southridge Elementary
The new school is now open. Students moved in to their new building on February 10, 2014. Southridge was designed by DLR Group.

Pineview Elementary
Stateline No. 7 Architects, have been selected to begin design of the new Pineview Elementary School, located at 639 Payne Avenue.

Lincoln Elementary (formerly North Casper Elementary)
Located adjacent to B&G Club, the new school is designed by MOA Architecture and will be constructed by AP Wyoming. The address of the site is 945 Jane Street, Casper, Wyoming.

Completed Projects

In the past five years, the following construction projects have been completed: Poison Spider (K-8), Cottonwood (K-5), Ft. Casper Academy (K-5), Summit (K-5), and CYMS (6-8), Southridge ES (K-5).