Kelly Walsh High School

Help KWHS ELATE raise food for community

Kelly Walsh High School's ELATE (Eastside Learning and Activity Team Experience) Program works to improve academic achievement and activity opportunities for all of our member schools. Beginning Nov. 2 and continuing through the month, the ELATE schools will begin a “Two Tons of Love” food drive.

Members hope to raise two tons of food for the Holy Cross Food Bank and another two tons of pet food for the Casper Humane Society. Donations can be made at any of the ELATE member schools: Kelly Walsh High, Centennial Junior High, Frontier Middle School, Dean Morgan Junior High, Casper Classical Academy, Woods Learning Center, Verda James Elementary, Sagewood Elementary, Pineview Elementary, Manor Heights Elementary, Willard Elementary, Evansville Elementary, Star Lane Center and Prince of Peace Preschool.

Everyone that works in a public school is aware of the needs faced by many of our students and their families. Together, we hope to make a positive impact on those families. Any help you are able to give will be greatly appreciated by our community!