Kelly Walsh High School

Making Sweet Music

Congratulations to this year's Kelly Walsh High School All-State Music Students!

The A Cappella Choir won the opportunity (based on audition) to sing in the Opening Night Concert for all of the music teachers and All-State Band, Choir, and Orchestra students. They received an immediate standing ovation and overwhelming support! On Tuesday, the Esprit des Corps Men's Choir performed for conference delegates, the All-State Choir, and the All-State Choir director to overwhelming praise.

Kelly Walsh had the most students in the All-State ensembles of any school in the state: eight in Band, 10 in Orchestra and 22 in Choir.

Congratulations to:
Matt Stairs - 2012 All-State Choir Student of the Year
Gabe Miller and DeLane Doyle - top chairs, All-State Orchestra
Anna Bohren - 2nd chair bass, All-State Orchestra
Izzi Rash - 4th chair cello, All-State Orchestra
Rachel Haas - 1st chair flute, All-State Band
Ashley Saulcey - 2nd chair flute, All-State Band
Blair Mothersbaugh - 3rd chair flute, All-State Band